[HCDX] Radio Australia off the air
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[HCDX] Radio Australia off the air

As a consequence of the ABC journalists' strike, as at Wednesday morning
December 6, local time here in Australia, the situation with Radio Australia
and RealAudio (live) programming, is as follows:

HF transmissions:

- Shepparton - all transmitters are off the air indefinitely (TOTALLY

- Brandon - the two transmitters there are operating on 12080 and 9660,
(12080 opens at 2000, 9660 opens at 2100) carrying emergency English
programming only, originating from the ABC's National network. The BBC World
Service relays have also been suspended, normally broadcast from 2200-2300
via Brandon. The emergency service is mainly nondescript music, with
occasional news headlines. The ABC's News Radio Network, available across
Australia on MW, continues as normal, carrying Federal Parliament
broadcasts, Deutsch Welle, Radio Netherlands, BBC, and National Public

Live Audio:

- http://www.abc.net/au/ra - carrying emergency English programming in
parallel with HF 11880 and 9660

Satellite - unknown

It will be interesting to see the extent of listener "outrage" at the
(temporary) unavailability of RA services!

Local press coverage in the Australian media today has been given modest
frontpage coverage; visit:


to see the story as given in the Melbourne "Age" newspaper.

Press coverage has largely ignored all references to the loss of RA HF or
ABC/RA Internet output; many Australians (me included) regard RA as a waste
of time and money, consuming scarce financial and other resources, which
could be diverted into more useful activities.

The strike began at 0100 UTC on December 5, and was for 24 hours only. Who
knows? Who really cares!!

Bob Padula
Melbourne, Australia

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