[HCDX] Apologies
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[HCDX] Apologies

I've just come home from a few days away and had a look at the new WRTH
2001 edition, and had a look at the Australian listings.

I would like to offer my apologies for anyone who went an bought the
publication on the basis that the Australian listing has been updated as
was publicised here by us, which might have made people think up to date
information was being included.. I haven't checked other country lists
and don't have the knowledge to say whether they are close to correct or

On behalf of the Australian Radio DX Club I spent a fair amount of time
checking the listings and sending an updated list in the layout used by
WRTH, and then to open it and find last year's section duplicated for
Australia makes me pretty angry. To put it on record, the "payback" was
a couple of ads for the ARDXC being included.

Basically, ignore any lists for Aussie expanded band stations in there.
Ignore the 1720 kHz listing in the frequency section, that died 15-20
years ago.

I will try and find the original document on my system and make it
available to anyone who wants a list for Australia that bears some
relation to reality.

And I will not waste my time sending updates to WRTH or it's publishers
anymore unless I am getting paid directly for that task.


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