[HCDX] Kurdistan questions
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[HCDX] Kurdistan questions

Hi friends,

Im looking for informations about the emitions devoted for the kurdish

Im bit confused about the broadcasters, sites and frequencies.

Is the 'Voice of the Kurdistan Iraq' the same of 'The Voice of the
People of Kurdistan'? Have we more than one emition devoted to the
kurdish region?

Im DAILY listen at 6995 one arab emition that some logs identifiy as
Voice of the People of Kurdistan. I noted several mentions of the
kurdistan in the sig, they talking in arab.

Also the jammings are LOUD even here in Brazil, in 7.0 MHz band,
begginig at 0400 UTC. These jammings are because the 6995 or any other
7.0 MHz kurdish emition ? 

Thanks in advance and sorry the basic questions. Nice come again to hcdx
family !

AL Archangelo
Sao Paulo - Brazil
FT-767GX + Ham Yagis es dipoles
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