Re: [HCDX] Kurdistan questions
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Re: [HCDX] Kurdistan questions

> http:www// ... Ok, hope that is of some help. Bob Montgomery
Hi Bob,

VERY interesting information and good site. Thank you very much !

I receive also some useful logs organized by the 
team of Clandestine Radio Watch CRW:

>>> Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan

Freq changes of Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan in Kurdish and Arabic:
0200-0600 (time vary) NF
7375.0 (45444), ex 7390.0 \\ 4085v 1400-1800 (time vary) NF 7375.0
(44444) over R.
Pakistan in Turki and Russian till 1515, ex 7390.0 \\ 4085v
(Observer-BUL Dec 11, 200 in
DXLD 0-155)

Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan in Kurdish and Arabicnoted on Dec. 4: 0200-0600
(time vary) on NF 7390.0 (45444) \\ 4085v (OBS-BUL via DXLD 0-150,
December 5, 2000)

4085, Dec 8, 1655-1658 Sawt al-Kurdistan al-Iraqi (Voice of Iraqi
Kurdistan) 44344 mx
(canzoni kurde) (S.Micciche-ITA in ConDig 84)

>>> Voice of Iranian Kurdistan

3985 VoIranian Kurdistan in Kurdish + Persian, *1427-1527* (x1527-1627).
(R.Pankov-BUL, Nov 18, 2000 in BCDX 497)

3985,0 kHz, 0325 UTC, 35433, This is the Voice of Iranian Kurdistan,
Farsi, ID, Folklore
Gesänge, politischer [Beitrag] von einer Frau über Baghdad. 26.November
for CRW)

>>> Voice of Kurdistan Toilers

4250, Dec. 8, 1656-1658 Sawt at-Ta'ab al-Kurdistan (Voice of Kurdistan
Toilers) 42333 Inno "Kurdistana" - off (S.Micciche-ITA in ConDig 84)

>>> Voice of the People of Kurdistan

0310-0400 Intersting broadcast in Arabic. Nice copy and was able to get
the website
address they gave at 0322 with some help from a friend.  Website
http:www// 0341 IS given by male annoucner. Then to
mx tune till 0345 when I think Prayers took place till 0348.  Mx,
possible NA at this time.  Yanni tune at 0350 as intro to more talks. ID
again at 0356.  Very clear copy  The website given is a good one and
much EE and Russian is provided. Also audio clips several newspapers and
other interesting information. (L.Walker-USA Nov 26, 2000 in CDX 323)

6995 Voice of the People of Kurdistan (p) 0350-0402 In Arabic. Numerous
mentions of Kurdistan. Apparently into newsat 0400.(J.Buch - USA Nov 28,
2000 in CDX 323)

6995,0 kHz, 0346 UTC, 35444, Vo the People of Kurdistan, Arab/Pers,
Fanfare, ID, Ansager, Politische Beiträge, Folklore, 1.Dezember
(H.-J.Koch-D for CRW)

6995 kHz, S6 level at 0402 Dec 7,xmtr cutting off and on during probable
Kurdish nx cast,into Kurdish m xat 0403. Good, and still audible at 0528
(D.Henderson-USA in NU1608)

6995 kHz,Presumed them at 0317 Dec7, finally a reasonable signal, all mx
and talk,frequent bursts of ute QRM for about 5 secs. at a
time.(G.Dexter-USA in NU1608)

6995 KHz,Voice of the People of Kurdistan, PUK, Patriotische Union
Kurdistans, Postfach210 231, D-1050 2Berlin, Alemania. Carta QSL con
datos completos.Verifico en 78 dias. (M.Cornachioni-ARGDec 3,2000
inConDig 83)

6995.4 kHz, man at 1907 Nov 17, poor, just fading in.
(D.Henderson-ME/PPDX in NU1605)

6995.0, man with talks in AR,overmodulated, fqy sked and website info in
AR, 0329 Nov 18 ID, nx in AR.(R.Montgomery-PA/FCDX in NU1605)

6995 kHz, solid at 0403 Nov26 until tune-out at 0445 with nx in both AR
and presumed Kurdish, mx inter sperse between cmtrys, excellent
signal--probably the best I have ever hrd them.(D.Henderson-USAin

4061.1, Dec. 8, 1652-1655 DangiGelliKurdistani(Voice of People of
Kurdistan)44323 2 Y Min kurdo -ID presunto "Kurdistana"- talk
(S.Micciche-ITA in ConDig84)

4061.8 V of People of Kurdistan 0355. Weak, but confirmed by reception
of their//frequency 6995. Mid-East music.(D.Hodgson-USA Dec 10 inCDX
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