[HCDX] Weekly DX News
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[HCDX] Weekly DX News

A lot of loggings this time.  I'll include pirate loggings also.  They may
already be dated for some of your bulletins.

ECUADOR  4800.77, R. Oriental, 1104-1111, Talk by man giving many phone
numbers, mentioning Ecuador and Oriental.  Canned ad, live man again with
TC, mention of Imato, and Napo.  TC and ID at 1109.  Another ad, then live
man once again with TC and ID.  Good w/qRM from Guatemala below.  (Valko 23

PIRATE (SOUTH AMERICA)  11440U, R. Titanic Int. via R. Cochiguaz, 2200, All
discussion by what sounded like at least 2 men.  Very weak at this time.
At 0045, R. Cochiguaz ID by man over music.  A little better at that time.
(Valko 23, 24 Dec.)

PIRATE (EUROPE)  6308.38, Blue Star R., 0051-0230, Pop music and even 1 C&W
song.  Short canned IDs by man and also longer live announcements by man
giving IDs, phone number, etc.  Fairly strong and seemed best around 0200.
Still there at 0415 but no audio.  (Valko 24 Dec.)

PIRATE (EUROPE)  6305, Alfa Lima Int., 0658, Alfred giving phone number.
Nice ID at  0811 brief tune in.  Good.  (Valko 25 Dec.)

PIRATE (EUROPE)  6280.15, R. Nova Int. (pres.), 0717-0800, Rock music
program (no songs recognizable) and several long talks by man.  Sounded
like he gave a mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number.  Couldn't
copy much because of the weak signal with quick fading.  Occasional UTE QRM
too.  (Valko 25 Dec.)

PIRATE (EUROPE)  6204.92, R. Borderhunter, *0759-0850, Noted OC while
tuning through.  Program start up at 0759 with dance music.  Programming
consisted of Pop and Christmas music ("New Years Day" U2, "What I Like
About You" Romantics, "Yellow River" Christie, "Born to Be Alive" Patrick
Hernandez, "White Christmas", "Do They Know its Christmas" Band Aid,
"Little Drummer Boy") with announcements by man giving many IDs and e-mail
address, song announcements, and mentions of Christmas.  Fairly decent and
readable.  Fading pretty badly towards 0900.  (Valko 25 Dec.)

UNID. (EUROPIRATE??)  6309.29, OC at 0908, moved freq to 6306.44 at 0910.
Music started at 0914 but gone shortly thereafter.  (Valko 25 Dec.)

UNID. (EUROPIRATE??)  6245, 0800, Something here, possibly testing.  Weak
with some music.  Not strong enough to copy though.  Gone at 0806 recheck.
(Valko 25 Dec.)

PIRATE (EUROPE)  6304.95, Alfa Lima Int., 0256, "Abracadabra" by Steve
Miller, then Alfred with IDs and mention of dedication time, greetings,
freq.  Fair and readable.  (Valko 26 Dec.)

ISRAEL  6280, IBA, 2057-2101*, Simple acoustic with duets song reminiscent
of KJES!!!  Woman with brief song announcement, list of freqs and ending
with goodbyes from Jerusalem.  Instru. anthem and off at 2101.  Excellent
clear signal.  (Valko 26 Dec.)

SOMALIA  6750U+carrier, R. Mogadishu/V.O. the People, 0332-0400, Talk for
speech by man and what could've been brief sound bites to 0340, then vocal
music.  Another song at 0342 with male vocals and flute-sounding instrument
in a style very much from the region.  More music to 0400, then talk by
man.  Extremely weak but no doubt its them.  Right on freq too.  (Valko 27

INDIA  6030, AIR Najibabad (pres.), on 27 Dec., 1256-1332, Local Indian
music, brief announcement by man and woman, soft Indian vocal song over top
of the hour to 1304, woman briefly, more music.  1327 announcement by man
including what sounded like freqs.  More music and woman announcer.  Next
day 28 Dec., at 1259 woman announcer after music followed by man announcer
with possible 1-minute news headlines, then music program.  No IDs heard.

ETHIOPIA  7165.4, R. Ethiopia (tent.), 1418, Het here with very very weak
bits of audio; music.  9560 heavily QRMed with slop from S-40(!!!!) 9565.
Freq matches.  (Valko 27 Dec.)

UNID.  9717, Very weak het here at 1430.  Wonder if its the CP R. La Plata
(still on??).  (Valko 27 Dec.)

GUATEMALA  4844.91, R. Ke'kchi, 1207, Caught canned ID by man while passing
through.  Doesn't seem nearly as strong as it used to be.  (Valko 28 Dec.)

RUSSIA  6205.5, Vatican R. via Russia (site??), 1212-1300, Soft vocal song
by woman, long talk by man in lang., music bridge, and more talk.  Finally
IS at 1259.  (Valko 28 Dec.)

IRAN  7165, VOIRI, 1306-1329*, Local music with man announcer occasionally.
 Long talks by man.  IS twice then off.  Very good signal and thought it
was Nepal at first.  Realized it couldn't be Nepal as it was right on freq
and didn't have anything special (no ID) at 1315.  A slew of inconsiderate
Hams just 500 hz below.  One came on right on the freq over top near the
end of the broadcast asking if the freq was clear!!!!  Gez!!  (Valko 28 Dec.)

The following loggings were made on a micro-DXpedition using at 537'
Beverage aimed at 70 degrees (Africa).

ALBANIA  7210.14, R. Tirana, 1955-2000, Just caught end of EG program with
woman announcer giving feature, IS, 2000 ID.  Strong.  (Valko 27 Dec.)

CONGO  5985, R. Congo, 2051-2147, Heard with Afro hi-life music program
hosted by woman in FR underneath VOA (UK) in FR.  Man in speech at 2126,
discussion by man and woman announcer.  Talks and music bridges, live
interview, and finally ID by woman at 2147.  Fairly decent.  Clearer after
2130 when after 2130 when VOA went off, but still hampered by slop QRM from
5980.  (Valko 27 Dec.)

TUNISIA  9720, RTVT (pres.), 2000-2100*, AR, studio woman announcer,
sometimes taking phone calls.  A lot of music.  Did hear 1 mention of
Tunis.  Was hoping for ID at 2100, but it went off after lively men choral
music.  Very strong and nice clear signal.  (Valko 27 Dec.)

NIGER  5020, ORTN/La Voix du Sahel, 2135-2200*, Local flute and string
music, man announcer with what sounded like news 2150-2153 bracketed by
instru. flute music.  Into chanting by man almost Koran sounding but
without the pauses.  Man with closing announcement, usual flute signature,
and choral NA.  Varying and drifting from 5020.08 - 5020.22.  Fair.  (Valko
27 Dec.)

No sign of 4815 Burkina Faso, 3380 Malawi, or 4965 Christian Voice.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA  5003.42 Bata // to 6249.35 Malabo at 2135.  Bata in the
clear but Malabo QRMed from UTE above.  (Valko 27 Dec.)

That's it for now.  Best 73's and have a Happy DX-filled New Year!!!

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