[HCDX] Domestic DX digest
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[HCDX] Domestic DX digest

Mike Brooker, Toronto, ON

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45
Times: EST (UTC-5)

920 CFRY Portage la Prairie, MB Dec. 24 0243 fair o/pest CKNX w/C&W version
of Meatloaf’s Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, “at 1:43, here are the current
weather conditions from CFRY”, into detailed wx for all of Manitoba.

960 WELI New Haven, CT Dec. 28 0731 over usual pest CFFX w/local wx “from
New Haven’s official weather station, news-talk 960 WELI”.  (MKB-ON)

1030 WUFL Sterling Heights, MI  Dec. 26 0843 knocking out WBZ w/ID as “AM
1030 WUFL”, then asked “what was introduced for the first time on Christmas
Day in 1843 – was it fruitcake, pumpkin pie, the Christmas tree ornament, or
the Christmas card…if you think you know, call us at 1-800-733-1030”.

1260 WPHB Phillipsburg, PA Dec. 29 0716 sports scores and promo for local
high school basketball “right here on the Center Region’s local sports
leader, AM 1260 WPHB”, then disappeared under WRIE.  (MKB-ON)

1360 WKOP Binghamton, NY Dec. 26 1805 slogan “on the music of your life, AM
1360 WKOP” into song by Perry Como, then disappeared into graveyard-like
mush.  (MKB-ON)

1360 WNJC Washington Township, NJ  Dec. 26 1900 surfaced w/top of hour ID
“This is WNJC, Washington Township” into gospel song.  QSLed in 1978 as WWBZ
(then licensed to Vineland, NJ).  (MKB-ON)

1410 WING Dayton, OH Dec. 26 0800 fair o/CHKT-1430 spur w/end of ESPN sports
talk, ID as “1410 WING Dayton, a Blue Chip Broadcasting station”, into CNN
news.  (MKB-ON)

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