[HCDX] North American pirate log
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[HCDX] North American pirate log

A summary of the pirate broadcasters I heard during the Christmas and New
years holidays:

Radio Free Euphoria
6950 (SSB)

Dec. 23; 0015-0035 UTC

Fair signal, but lousy modulation on SSB w/program hosted by pot-toking DJ
Ganga Man who seemed to enjoy using the f-word as much as possible.
Announced address for QSLs: PO Box 1, Belfast NY 14711  “and don’t forget to
throw in a couple of joints for the captain”.

6950 (AM)

Dec. 25; 0100
Fair on AM w/Christmas broadcast, consisting of the usual turgid, plodding
WHYP IDs by James Brownyard, assortment of DX-related Christmas songs such
as “Wolfish got run over by George Zeller”.

6940 (AM)

Dec. 30; 2250-2330
Good signal at ball-busting level w/non-stop oldies and some early 80s rock
standards such as Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance.  Several “CKLW” jingles
(like the old CKLW-800), but no voice IDs or maildrop address announcements.
Finally gave up at 2330, to watch the rest of Saints-Rams game.

6945 (AM)

Jan. 1; 0015-0040
Fair-good w/Brownyard’s New Year’s broadcast.  Not needed, and too cruddy to
bother listening to.  Announced the whole slew of e-mail addresses:
whyp1530@xxxxxxxxx, whyp1530@xxxxxxxxxxxx, whyp1530@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mike Brooker
99 Wychcrest Ave.,
Toronto, ON  M6G 3X8
(416) 536-7406

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