[HCDX] North American pirate log
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[HCDX] North American pirate log

U.S. pirates heard during Labour Day weekend:

6950 (SSB)
Sept. 2; 0202 UTC
Fair on SSB with talk on WHYP’s “Pirate Picnic” croquet tournament won by
Sal Ammoniac.  Definitely not needed.

Radio Doomsday
6950 (SSB)
Sept. 2; 0227
Fair on SSB with slogan “Radio Doomsday is an effective tool for affecting
ineffective tools”, announcement “Welcome to the psychic connection on Radio
Doomsday”, sudden sign off at 0230 without giving address.

Radio Three
6955 (AM)
Sept. 2; 0245-0256
Good AM signal, non-stop rock and heavy metal music, “Nothing compares to
Radio Three” ID at 0256, no address announced.


Mike Brooker
Toronto, ON

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