[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria,BC, Canada
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[HCDX] Loggings from Victoria,BC, Canada

Welcome everyone to 2001. Hope the year will find everyone in good health. A few loggings from today:

RUSSIA 11840 USB Radio Rossii via Yuzhno-Sakhlinsk was well heard again at 0101 after an absence of several months. Co-channel with HCJB. Both at good levels, with HCJB usually slightly stronger. News program. Nice to see them back. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 2 Jan).

KOREA (NORTH) 17735.04 Radio Pyongyang in English at 0112. Great modulation for a change. None of the loud humming heard in past. Good reception. Parallel 15230.34 good, and 11734.70 poor. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 2 Jan).

SLOVAKIA 5930 Radio Slovakia at 0125 with a message of thanks to it's listeners. Splash in using USB from 5935, and an irritating ute on LSB. Fair to good because of them.
(Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 2 Jan).

COSTA RICA 7480. This is NOT a good choice for RFPI. Monster signal from 7475 Voice of Greece (itself parallel with 7457), splashes all over a much weaker RFPI. Parallel 15048.88 at 0140 much better. (Salmaniw, Victoria BC, 2 Jan).

That's all for now! Take care.............Walt.
Walter R. Salmaniw, MD email: salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia

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