[HCDX] News Years Eve DX
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[HCDX] News Years Eve DX

Some good reception noted with extended schedules from Africa on New Year's

BENIN, Parakou	5025	2245	31 Dec
	Mixture of talk and typical west African music.  Full clock chimes on the
	then into national anthem, and back to music.  Fading here, but still on,
past 0030.  

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, Bata	5003.4		2250	31 Dec
		Superb signal with live music performance with crowd
	noises in the background.   (6250 was in also, but with severe utility QRM.)
	Man shouting, mainly in Spanish, but also included one "Happy New Year" in
	English.  Signal was so strong WWV was being QRMed, rather than the
reverse.  Still 	around at 2330 but gone by 2344 check.
GHANA			3366	2331	31 Dec
		Another great signal. Impassioned sermon mixing religion
	and patriotism from a Watchnight Service.  Into music, including parts of
	Handel's Messiah after 0000, then New Year's speech from the Director General
	of the GBC.  On past 0030.  

Also noted presumed Niger on 5020 at 2329 with Koran recitation, along with
the more regular Africans.  One of those times I wish I had about 6
receivers on the go!     

Nigel Pimblett
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Kenwood R-5000, beverage antenna

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