[HCDX] Some logs and one Unid I need some help on
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[HCDX] Some logs and one Unid I need some help on

I have these logs from the past few days
4905 0341GMT 12/30/00 UNID UNID 111 R390\21 ft vertical Heard bits and pieces of a Spanish speaking male talking. Signal very very weak and lots of fadeout. Possible Peruvian? Radio  Oroya?.Heard very weak song.Disappeared by 0400.
7105 2048GMT 1/1/01 Radio Minsk? Belarus? s-6 R4A\140ft longwire Hearing male and female talking in Eastern European language I can't ID.
3270 0505 1/1/01 NBC Windhoek Namibia 333 R390\140 ft  longwire Male speaking in English.Low audio modulation.
9489 variable 520 1/4/01 Unid Unid 222 R390\140 ft longwire Hearing a male talk  in what sounds like Eastern European language followed by music.On vertical antenna signal is almost lost.
This last one is the one I am totally clueless about. If someone  hears this maybe it would help me to figure out who I was hearing.
Using a Drake R-4A,Motorola- manufactured R-390,Realistic DX380,Realistic DX160,140 ft longwire,60 ft v-shape dipole, and 21 ft vertical to listen to the world.
Playing with an Emachine 366i2  and  learning about  Windows 98
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Email address-swlchris@xxxxxxxx
Actual location- in the sticks somewhere in Kentucky reading my textbooks in the  dark with the help of a bic lighter


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