Re: [HCDX] CKZN 6160 and other loggings
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Re: [HCDX] CKZN 6160 and other loggings

At 10:39 AM 1/6/2001 +0000, Terry Palmersheim wrote:
CKZN is being heard here quite well for 500 watts. Absolutely no sign of
CKZU at 1030 UTC. 690 CBU MW w/ completely different programming. WX by
woman announcer at 1033 for Labrador & Newfoundland. Slop from VOA on 6165
kHz. Unusual, considering I have a N/S 80 meter antenna.

Hi, Terry! Awesome isn't it? I'm not aware of any problems with CKZU. It's mostly ground wave here during the day....well heard. At night, there's usually strong splash from both sides, but CKZU still there. Wonder if it's seasonal. Don't recall it from the past like this. Might be worth a call to Vancouver to see if there's a problem at this end, though it wouldn't account for the exceptionally strong signal from CKZN!


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