[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 2/15/01
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 2/15/01

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  February  8 2001
                            Vol 6  No 44

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, February 22 2001 @ 1400 UTC

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 CPC DX test


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

      2/17/01 Sat - 0000-0200 - WFBS - 1280 - Berwick PA (NRC)

WFBS-1280 in Berwick, Pennsylvania will conduct a DX test on Saturday 
February 17, 2001 from 0000-0200 (EST).  The test will include tones, 
music, code and voice ID's on 1000 watts daytime power non directional. 
Phone calls (not collect) accepted 570-752-8012.  Reports with return 

Kevin Fennessey, WFBS
114 Market Street
Berwick, PA 18603
 (Arranged by Dave Schmidt {who will do the test!} for the NRC!)

  If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or 
in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...
  PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!

WGSR-1570, Fernandina Beach, FL - tested Saturday, February 3, 2001 from 
12:00 - 2:00 am EST:

Stephen Howe in St. Albans, VT and Menands, NY, Neil Wolfish and Saul 
Chernos at Burnt River, ON (100 mil NE of Toronto), Bob Foxworth in 
Tampa, FL, Nigel Pimblett in Medicine Hat, AB and Barry McLarnon in 
Ottawa, ON all report hearing the test - or at least a CW ID. Frank Aden 
in Boise, ID and Stig Hartvig Nielsen in Eastern Jutland, Denmark both 
reported that they heard what *might* have been the test. Morris Soresen 
in Winnipeg, MB was unable to hear the test due to too much CKMW, Jim 
Renfew in Byron, NY heard no sign of WGSR on the frequency, Rick Lewis 
in Phoenix, AZ and Kevin Redding in Mesa, AZ tried for the test but 
didn't hear it, as did Chuck Boehnke in Keaau, HI and Pete Taylor in 
Tacoma, WA.

WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE - tested Sunday, February 4, 2001 from 
12:00 - 2:00 am EST:

Gordon Bell near Troy, NY heard this test well and sent a detailed 
report. Stephen Howe in St. Albans, VT and Menands, NY says that WILM 
was very weak, but there was no sign of previously-heard CHUC on the 
frequency. Neil Wolfish and Saul Chernos in Burnt River, ON heard what 
they thought was the test at about 0015 ELT. Tim Noonan in Madison, WI 
reported that he tried for the test but was unable to hear it.



*Charles C Boehnke - HI - kale@xxxxxxxx

  Alan Roycroft passed away last night, Feb 12, 2001, in Hilo, Hawaii. 
Alan was 80 and had retired from Radio Engineering a few years ago, a 
field in which he was legendary! He was a  friend to all radio hobbyists 
  I would like to thank all of you who have sent messages of condolence 
to us re Alan's passing. I assure you that all his dedicated caregivers 
appreciate your thoughts and send their gratitude.
  We are attempting to locate Alan's nephew, Terry White. He was last 
believed to be in England and is involved in the development of an 
amphibious automobile. We understand he had possibly been in contact 
with someone at "Lotus" in the UK, but we have no other information. He 
had also been in New Zealand before that. Terry is a surfer and could be 
in one of the surfing haunts in Europe. He is in blondish and in his 
middle to late twenties. Thanks for any help you could render. The 
executor of Alan's estate is working through official channels to locate 
him as well.


  Can anyone help with this one. Does any one know if 1660 WCHQ 
Canovanas PR has signed on?

****Lars Hedberg - lhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1660 WEIC Puerto Rico often with good signal in Sweden. Often id's.

*David Gleason - david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  As of two weeks ago, it was not operating. I'll be there again the 
24th and will check.
  Sometime in March, the NotiUno network will move to the by then 
defunct SuperKadena. This means that 630-910-760 will be the key 
stations of NotiUno, and 1320, 1040, 1490 and perhaps 1430 will leave 
the net for different programming. Probably the calls of WUNO will move 
to 630, too. The remaining NotiUno affiliates will stay the same for the 
moment. In any case, remember that NotiUno is both a net and a station, 
as the originating station for the net in San Juan is called NotiUno.
  There will be 4 full news networks in PR when the change I posted goes 
into effect. The reason there are neworks is that no San Juan station 
covers either Ponce, Arecibo or Mayaguez or the trest of the Island, for 
that matter. To achieve total sland coverage on AM, 5 or 6 stations are 
needed, although on FM three full B signals will do the job. Puerto Rico 
is a single Arbitron market, consisting of the entire Island, so 
survival requires a net.
  Radio Reloj net out of WKAQ San Juan. WAPA net out of WAPA San Juan 
NotiWapa. WUNO NotiUno out of San Juan 1320 soon to be 630. WIAC Cadena 
Radio Puerto Rico out of 740 San Juan
  Not all affiliates ar 24/7, with some just joining for Morning Drive 
news and special bulletins or paid net programming. Local stations have 
no identity during net broadcasts, and some even fail to do their legal 
IDs right.
  Yep... 1660 is the national Radio Unica feed, with local news and 
traffic and weather inserts made in NYC drive time. It is also one if 
not the only DA X-Band station, with, I believe (and according to M 
Street) running 9 kW at night using the 1380 towers in diplex.
  I confirmed today that 1660 in Canóvanas, a suburb of San Juan, is 
still testing, mostly at night, with the name La Grande 16-60. This 
station was moved from Camuy, on the NW coast, to  a suburb on the 
eastern side of the San Juan metro.
  The transmitter site is near that of WIDA-1400 in an area of Carolina 
called Hoyo Mula, near a riverbed in a partial mangrove swamp with good 
  The station is owned by Aureo Matos, Jr. His father owns several 
religious stations in PR, including WBRQ-97.7 in Cidra and a Mayaguez 
area evangelical Christian FM. Broadcasters in PR expect a nostalgia 
based oldies format using traditional Puerto Rican music when it goes on 
regular schedule. Tests are apparently being conducted using 10 kw.

**Deane D McIntyre - dmcintyr@xxxxxxxxxxx

  The CRTC has approved the move of two more Canadian AM's to FM:
  CKAP-580 Kapuskasing ON to 100.9, 12kW: 
  CKGY-1170 Red Deer AB to 95.5, 100kW: 
  When CKGY goes to FM, Red Deer, and Lethbridge-Taber will have lost 
all their AM stations, and only CHAT-1270 remains in operation in 
Medicine Hat. The signal of CKGY is quite good in Calgary during the 
day, when they are 50 kW, but at night very poor as they drop to 14 kW 
and Calgary is in a null. 


  New call letters.1410, WENU ,South Glens Falls, NY- Heard 2/08  2015 - 
Tom Jones "Its Not Unusual" followed by ID 1410 WENU. Male announcer 
with ad for Chopsticks Restaurant in Queensbury. E-mailed WENU. Bob 
Barrett, Operations Mgr for Vox Radio Group, Ny stated "WBZA-AM 1410 has 
indeed changed calls and format. It is now WENU-AM, an Adult Standard 
simulcast with WENU-FM 101.7. Both are in the Glens Falls, NY market. AM 
is licensed to South Glens Falls, FM to Hudson Falls. By the way, the 
WBZA calls were snapped up by a station in Rochester, calling itself the 


**walter breville - walterlb@xxxxxxx

  990 is no longer WHOO in Orlando, it has become WDYZ Radio Disney. 
Just last Friday I was delighted to note that WHOO resurfaced on 1080, 
formerly WFIV Kissimmee that had Spanish format. Kissimmee is 30 miles 
north of me as the crow flies, downtown Orlando 50 miles north, & the 
1080 signal (10kw) is definitely stronger than 990 for me.  And this is 
my first experience hearing R. Disney with a fairly strong signal, 
besides occasional drives to Tampa Bay area when I hear the 1380 Disney 
outlet there...to my ears a lot of AM formats are worse, discoish music 
not bad, even the kid talk beats Rush Limbaugh & many other talkers,  
also I am no fan of sports talk.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  According to Paul Shinn, CE for KAVT, all IDs are done by a DJ who 
pops in a card somewhere in the hour for IDs. They do ID every hour and 
try to within a few minutes before or after TOH. The IDs will be done 
that way for a while untill everything is set up automatically. So if 
you try to catch a KAVT ID, it will probably not be at the TOH.
  2/14. I tuned into 1630 tonight and caught their ID at 0558 EST 2/14 
as "WRDW and WTEL Augusta. Then they ran their regular "News Talk 1630, 
WRDW Augusta" ID going into News at 0600.
  1630   WTEL  GA, Augusta, tuned in at 0558 EST 2/14 with ID "WRDW and 
WTEL Augusta" Then regular ID at 0559.50 "News Talk 1630, WRDW-Augusta" 
going into net news. Haven't seen this posted anywhere. (PM-OR)

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  I just read that 1550-SF just got an OK to go to 50/40 KW directional 
to the South/SW, protecting Vancouver WA and the North. Interesting as 
KVAN got a CP for a power boost which they are working on now 50/12 KW, 
same pattern nights, to the NW.
  Also KLLU-1030-Reedsport OR is in the process of boosting to 50 KW 
days. A bit stronger here 200+ miles away, but very little difference 
from the 10KW. At least so far.

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  This is probably because 1540 in Capitola turned their license in the 
to the FCC, so that frequency no longer needs to be protected.
  Here's a URL for the map showing the new site: 

Here's the info I found on the CP (courtesy of radiostation.com):
  KYCY - 1550 : construction permit data for daytime operation SAN 
FRANCISCO , CA Coordinates: N372730 W1215604 View location.
Class: 0B | Nominal power: 50.00 kw | RMS: 2879.70 | Antenna: DA2 This 
mode uses 04 towers. Pattern is Standard. (Only displaying three towers 
at this time.)
  Tower #1: Electrical height: 200.0 degrees Tower is top loaded (0). 
  Tower #2: Electrical height: 200.0 degrees | Phase: 227.5 degrees | 
Spacing: 0062.8 | Orientation: 260.20 Tower is top loaded (0). 
  Tower #3: Electrical height: 200.0 degrees | Phase: 71 degrees | 
Spacing: 0176.7 | Orientation: 074.10 Tower is top loaded (0). 
  File # BP970813AB This station operates on an unlimited schedule. *-*-

Olle Alm - o.alm@xxxxxxxxx

  Maybe there's something you can use among these (edited) decisions 
picked up from the CRTC website.

 530  CIAO  Brampton, ON. It is a condition of licence that the licensee 
       provide programming directed to a minimum of 12 cultural groups 
       in a minimum of 13 different languages. (CRTC Jan 18, 2001)
 580  CKAP  Kapuskasing, ON will switch to FM 100.9 MHz with an ERP of 
       12,000 watts. The station will offer CKAP's current CHR 
       (Contemporary Hit Radio)/Hot AC (Adult Contemporary) format on FM 
       (CRTC Feb 9, 2001)
1170  CKGY  Red Deer, AB will switch to FM 95.5 MHz with an ERP of 
       100,000 watts. The FM station will offer CKGY's current Country 
       music format (CRTC Feb 9, 2001). 
1320  CHMB  Vancouver, BC. The licensee must, by condition of licence, 
       provide: programming directed to a minimum of 12 cultural groups 
       in a minimum of 12 different languages; and programming directed 
       to Native people. (CRTC Jan 17, 2001)
1320  CJMR  Mississauga, ON. By condition of licence, the licensee must: 
       provide programming directed to a minimum of 11 cultural groups 
       in a minimum of 15 different languages; limit the broadcast of 
       brokered ethnic programming to a maximum of 62% of the broadcast 
       week. (CRTC Jan 18, 2001)
1410  CFMB  Montréal, QU. It is a condition of licence that the licensee 
       provide programming directed to a minimum of 19 cultural groups 
       in a minimum of 18 different languages. (CRTC Jan 17, 2001)
1430  CHKT  Toronto, ON (Fairchild Radio Group Ltd.). By condition of 
       licence, the licensee must: provide programming directed to a 
       minimum of 14 cultural groups in a minimum of 15 different 
       languages; broadcast a maximum of 66 hours each broadcast week of 
       ethnic programming directed to the Chinese community; restrict 
       the hours during which programming is broadcast in Mandarin and 
       Cantonese to the following: a) Mandarin - between 6 a.m. and 8 
       a.m. on weekdays; and b) Cantonese - between noon and 8 p.m. 
       Monday through Sunday. (CRTC Jan 18, 2001)
1470  CJVB  Vancouver, BC (Fairchild Radio Group Ltd.) It is a condition 
       of licence that the licensee provide programming directed to a 
       minimum of 23 cultural groups in a minimum of 23 different 
       languages. (CRTC Jan 18, 2001)
1630  Ottawa, ON (MacDonald-Cartier International Airport) will operate 
       with a transmitter power of 99 watts. (CRTC Feb 14, 2001)

**Patrick Griffith - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

  JW sent me a tip on 2/13 that KKYD-1340 was dark but I don't believe 
I've seen it mentioned on the reflector yet. As of today they remain 
dark, reason unkown.

**Neil Griffin - ngriffin@xxxxxxx

  Apparently they are being purchased by KCFR 90.1.  They are planning 
to go all classical as KVOD on 90.1 and use 1340 for news and talk 
programming from NPR.  They also want to purchase KUNC 91.5 in Greeley 
from the University of Northern Colorado and simulcast 1340.  More 
details are at http://www.cpr.org/html/2channel_full.htm.  I think it 
was reported on this list that 1280 which was KVOD's last frequency was 
sold and the music library donated to Colorado Public Radio.



*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx


1314  A fair carrier here off the Northern wire here on the North coast.

*Mike Stonebridge - St Isadore AB - stonbrdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  After last nights little taste I was hoping for something better 
tonight. Alas it was not to be. Carriers on 153, 162, 177, and 1314. 
Faint audio on 189 and 198.

*Nick Hall-Patch - Victoria BC - nhp@xxxxxxxx

  Keep looking for TA conditions on the west coast.  Carrier on 1314 at 
0120 UTC.  
  In addition, though I wasn't home last night, (9 Feb UTC),  according 
to the signal strength monitoring program, there was a good peak on 1314 
kHz at 03:05, lasting from 02:55-03:49.
  This was stronger than the 7 Feb peak noted at 03:35.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  A very strong Norway carrier on 1314 at 0210 UTC 2/9. Maybe a bit of 
audio by man talking.

*Mike Stonebridge - stonbrdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Nothing on 1314 tonight, though the long wavers are in. Audio on 153 
and 189, best signal here in some time, carriers on 162, 177, 198 and 

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I also noted LW signals last night, with audio on 189 (very strong at 
times), 153 (traces), 162, 177, and for the first time, 225.  Nothing 
here noted on 252.  On MW I also noted a het on 1314, quite significant 
at times, and a much weaker one on 1206.

**Doug Smith W9WI - Pleasant View TN - w9wi@xxxxxxxx

  FYI I'm hearing a bunch of TA carriers.  Maybe brief snatches of audio 
on 1089.  This is a RARE event here!

**Rick Shaftan - shaftan@xxxxxxx

  1314 was stronger than the domestics last night.  Had what might have 
been Italy on 1575 and other stuff on 891, 1206, 1215, 1323 and 567 but 
not enough to ID anything here.

** Patrick Griffith - Westminster, CO - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

1260  KWYR  SD Winner - 2/9 0800 - "This is Country 12-60, KWYR, serving 
       the heartland" then into ABC news. (PG-CO)
1260  UNID - 2/9 0806 - "12-60, Radio Disney" ID. Very weak under 
       several other stations. (PG-CO)
1260  KIMB NE Kimball - 2/9 0813 - Local funeral listings followed by 
       weather report. (PG-CO)

Drake R-8 and Kiwa loop 

E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1160  WYLL  IL Chicago -02/09 0800- Good signals in KSL null with 
       religious programming local ads and weather. ID as 11-60 WYLL 
       Chicago's Word. NEW!! (SA-MB)

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 760  WCIS  NC Morganton - 02/02 1725-1735 - C&W-ish music, news, then 
       "that's our last newcast for the day, you're listening now to USA 
       Radio Network sports and the "powerhouse" forecast... in the WCIS 
       newsroom, this is Bob Clark". Then new announcer with "it's 43 
       now in Morganton... working for Jesus...", into religious music, 
       good with WJR nulled. New. (BM-ON)
1060  WBIX  MA Natick - 02/02 1700-1705 - News, Boston area traffic 
       report, WBIX and "Business 1060" IDs, slugging it out with KYW.  
       Last heard as WMEX. (BM-ON)
1080  WKGXp NC Lenoir - 02/01 1740 - Local ads for businesses in Hudson 
       and Granite Falls (e.g., Granite Funeral Home), then back to C&W. 
       Good with usual WTIC missing in action.  There were several 
       addresses & phone nos. given, but I was driving home from work at 
       the time! New. (BM-ON)
1090  WAQE  WI Rice Lake - 02/05 1743 - Local news with many local 
       references, snowmobile accident victim in Shell Lake hospital, 
       arrest in Eau Claire, etc.  Buried at TOH by WBAL, CKKW, KAAY and 
       others. Fellow AM DXer Jerry Atherton of Rice Lake listened to a 
       WAV file I made of this reception and confirmed that it was his 
       local pest! New. (BM-ON)
1170  WMRH  WI Waupon - 02/05 1624 - "that's right here - two big 
       reviews, on the morning show Wednesday... only here on AM 1170 
       WMRH", fair in a mix with WWVA and others. (BM-ON)
1280  WNAM  WI Neenah - 02/05 1640-1650 - Westwood One adult standards, 
       dominant for some time then falling back into the pack, nice 
       clear "AM 1280 WNAM" ID. (BM-ON)
1290  WJBR  DE Wilmington - 02/05 1645-1652 - Westwood One adult 
       standards, //WNAM-1280, good but faded as the music ended, caught 
       a "WJBR" ID amidst a jumble of other stations led by WHIO and 
       CJBK. New. (BM-ON)
1370  KDTH  IA Dubuque - 02/05 1710 - Weather forecast for Dubuque, then 
       "the afternoon business report on KDTH is coming up next", good, 
       pretty much on top of the channel. New. (BM-ON)
1480  WLEA  NY Hornell - 02/03 1650 - Local announcements, e.g., IOOF 
       bingo at the Oddfellows Club in Hornell, then ID "you're 
       listening to WLEA, Dansville, Bath and Hornell, 1480 on your 
       dial", good, mostly on top of the channel. (BM-ON)
1550  WYTK  PA Pittston - 02/03 2250-2300 - Oldies (Supremes, Jim Croce, 
       Beatles, etc), "WICK" ID (//WICK-1400, WYCK-1340), poor under 
       CBE, mixing with Disney noise from WDZK. New. (BM-ON)
1570  WPEP  MA Taunton - 02/01 1605-1607 - USA Radio Network sports, 
       Prudential Insurance ad, ID "AM 1570 WPEP Taunton", good, alone. 

BM-ON  Barry McLarnon VE3JF Ottawa, ON
NRD-525, 1 m loop, inverted-vee, MFJ-1026

***Daniele Canonica - SWITZERLAND - Swiss.DX@xxxxxxxxxxx

RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna+MLB & ALA 1530

1510  WRNB  Boston (presumed) 1510 khz, 2351 male voice, no ID, extreme 
       adyacent interference, SIO 211 (Canonica, Feb. 08)
1650  WHKT  Portsmouth (presumed) 1650 khz, 0010 male voice, no ID, good 
       signal (QSA 7) but extreme noise, SIO 331 (Canonica, Feb. 09)

***Ruud Vos - Utrecht HOLLAND - shack@xxxxxx

  This morning (2/10) still fine conditions, with coming in many 
stations on several freq, just to much to Id them all:

 580  0540 CJFX Country mx
 590  0545 VOCM news Id
 730  0525 Unid
 850  0547 E Unid
 860  0550 Country mx
 870  0552 WWL Id Rel px
 880  0535 WCBS Id "WCBS NEWSTIME"
 940  0530 CKNN Montreal Id
 960  0533 Unid
 970  0600 E Unid talks
1030  0612 WBZ Boston Id talks
1050  0615 E Unid with Country mx
1070  0610 CBA Moncton Id with Economical nx
1130  0600 WBBR New York Id news bloomberg room
1290  0622 F unid with Titanic song
1590  0700 S unid latinamerican songs

  But between 1600-1700 bullshit here alas enough, I do not know what it 
is, but over the last months no DX there. Sunday morning I will scan the 
band again, before I go biking in the forest with a DX friend (Michiel 
Schaay) of mine. So I hope to be lucky to Id more,with even better 
conditions, we will see......

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45

1110  WUHN  MA Pittsfield - 02/10, 1810 - absolutely creaming WBT with 
       ID as "the Berskshires' WUHN", local weather, into C&W song.  
1120  WBNW  MA Concord - 02/10, 1850 - presumed in KMOX null with 
       "Pages for People" program, interviewing the author of book The 
       Death of Vishnu.  Ad for "10 Easy Lessons to making a living in 
       the stock market".  QSLed as WADN on DX test in 1990.  (MKB-ON)
1250  CJYE  ON Oakville - 02/06, 0730 - AM drive show with contemporary 
       Christian music and slogan "Joy 1250, catch the spirit".  Had 
       been //CHWO-740 since Jan. 8.  (MKB-ON)
1460  WWWG  NY Rochester - 02/08, 0755 - over usual pest CJOY, with 
       slogan "1460 AM 3WG, the spirit of Rochester", PSA asking for 
       volunteers at the Genessee Health Center.  (MKB-ON)
1580  WBCP  IL Urbana - 02/05, 0027 - in and out of mush (nothing 
       particularly dominant on 1580 since the demise of CBJ) with mix 
       of urban contemporary and oldies, ID as "24 hours a day...the 
       original 1580 WBCP".  I have now heard all four 250-watt 
       Illinois stations on 1580.  (MKB-ON)

Tim Hall - Chula Vista CA - halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1320  KSDT-CA  Hemet  Was silent, now Regional Mexican //FM "Radio Laser 
1320  KKSM-CA  Oceanside  "North County's new music, Comet 13-20"
1340  WMTE-MI  Manistee  NOS //WKLA-1450, Paul Harvey, seems 24h now.
1390  WEGP-ME  Presque Isle No longer silent.  "Northern Maine's news 
       and information station"
1450  WKLA-MI  Ludington    NOS //WMTE-1340, Paul Harvey, seems 24h now.

  The last 3 items were logged from a British Airways 747 as I flew to 
London on my Christmas vacation.  British Airways lets you use radio 
receivers once the plane is in flight.  On this particular flight, I had 
a window seat, so by holding the receiver near the window I could hear a 
few stations on channels that weren't blocked by electrical noise.  I 
also had a TV display in the seat in front of me that showed a map of 
the plane's location as I was listening!  Very few signals made it 
through; in most cases I had to be directly over the station's location.

(TRH-CA)   Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA   Delco car rx
(TRH-CA1)  DXing between San Diego and Palm Desert, CA, Delco car rx

1320  KSDT  CA, Hemet  2/10 2103  Station is back on the air with 
       Spanish hits format //FM.  Slogan is "Radio Laser 105.7".

 980  2/10 2000  ESPN programming, legal ID sounded like KZML? 

 530 KNCN250 CA, San Bernardino  2/10 2040 Station noted from Temecula 
       to Banning with Cal Trans road info for Running Springs and Big 
       Bear.  Runs the same announcement twice, but the first time 
       through the ID is KNCN250 Barstow and the second time it's 
       KNCN250 San Bernardino.  Sounds like the announcer tried to fix 
       his mistake, but inadvertently added the second message instead 
       of replacing the first one.  (TRH-CA1)
1610  TIS   CA, Desert Hot Springs?  2/10 2134 New TIS for motorists 
       entering Joshua Tree National Park, with short tape loop 
       mentioning the Oasis Visitor Center in Twentynine Palms.  Signs 
       are posted at the I-10/CA-62 junction, but the station isn't 
       audible until a few miles east of there, due to the noise 
       generated by a local power plant.  (TRH-CA1)
1610 House CA, San Diego  2/5 0907 Talking house for Matt Batiana(?)
       Realty for townhouse at 10700 Crest Vista(?) Ct. in the Mira Mesa 
       area along I-15.  Another new one.  (TRH-CA)

1140  KCMJ  CA, Palm Springs  2/10 2200 Station is putting out a very 
       loud pulsating tone on top of their regular signal.  Station gets 
       out pretty well, but is pounded by the Las Vegas station too.  
1610  KALT  TX, Atlanta  2/11 0020-0120 Station noted from Winchester 
       all the way back to San Diego with talk programming and clearly 
       enunciated IDs at station breaks.  New.  (TRH-CA1)

***Salvo Micciché - ITALY - co.rad@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1650  13/2,0530-0600  WHKT The Big K (Jollif Road, Virginia) 34243 mx 
       (Tema di Lara, other songs, La Bamba...) - YM in EE - mx
1660  13/2,0532-0600 WGIT Canovanas (Carolina, San Juan, Puertorico) 
       34343 mx - YM in SS - mx
1670  13/2,0533-0600 WTDY (Madison, Wisconsin) 34233 mx and songs
1680  13/2,0533-0600 WTIR Traveler AM 1680 34233 YM e YL in EE - info
1700  13/2,0533-0600 WAFN Voz Cristiana (Miami Spring, Florida) 44333 YM 
       in SS: "esta pasando la semana... el numero de la segretaria..."
1630  13/2,0540-0620 presumed XEUT Radio Universidad (Mexico) 24222 YM 
       in SS few seconds, then fading, then YM again and mx Buen Ayre 
       seems off air for now, isn't it true?
1690  13/2,0540-0600 WPTX (Lexington Park, Mariland) 24222 YM in EE

Kenwood R-5000  -  Sangean ATS909  - Ant 60 mt longwire + MLB, Loop for 
Medium Waves FX AL IIId (designed by F. Golzio)
Monitoring in Scicli (Sicilia, Italia)  JM76IS (36°47'N  -14°42'E)

*Kevin redding - Mesa AZ - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

Heard on a Magnavox D8334 boombox:

 830  XEVQ MEXICO, Navajalato, Sinaloa 2/13 1200 with Mexican national 
       anthem, announcement of 1000 w and 250w then playing The Theme 
       From the Magnificent Seven during the sign on. The slogan they 
       were using was La Grande de Sinaloa.

Art Blair - Folsom CA - blairs@xxxxxxxxxx

  Logged KAVT-1680 Fresno 2/12/01 @ 1501 PST. Station on this morning 
0530 PST. 

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Was listening elsewhere than 1220 for a change last night and had a 
couple of interesting catches:

1190  WOWO  IN, Fort Wayne  2100 12 Feb Sung jingle ID after an ad, then 
       into ABC news.  First time heard here in about 5 years.  (NP-AB)
1550  WBSC  SC, Bennettsville  2058 12 Feb. Was very surprised to hear 
       this one come up over an oldies station with end of a religious 
       program, ID with 3 cities as "WBSC, Bennettsville - ? - ?" and 
       into USA Radio news. I've been watching this frequency since 
       dominant KQWB left, but hadn't heard anything of interest until 
       now.  Only my 2nd SC, and the other was a DX test.  (NP-AB)

Kenwood R-5000, 800 foot eastern beverage

***BERGLUND JOHAN - -johandx@xxxxxxxxx

A few observations from Johan Berglund, Trollhättan, Sweden

1557  12 feb  1536 WYFR, Taiwan , Chinese, from 1600 English.
1557  12 feb  1557 Studio Radio Osijek, Osijek, Croatia . Dull studio 
       talk at 1615. These two stations were changing places at the S-
       meter top rate during an hour or so. Radio Blue and UK stations 
       in the background.
1660  12 feb 0540 WIMB, Marco Island, FA with oldies and evergreens. SIO 

*Charles A. Taylor - calltaylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2/14. Last night at 2030/0130Z was reviving my ailing Drake SPR-4. 
Stopped on 780 in passing and noted Caribbean-accent EE on top.
  Stuck around for a listen. "I already got ZBVI logged/taped, said I". 
Looked at my NC logbook: WRONG.!! I had logged it while in Bermuda 1978-
81. Anyway, this was probably ZBVI. LUNGE for the tape recorder!
  Waited til 2100/0200Z for Top-of-hour ID, but not enough ZBVI and too 
much BS (BM?) from WBBM. Mention of "Province[town?]".
  Surprise:  God Save the Queen at 0202Z and drop carrier immediately 
after (about 1/2 Hz away from WBBM consistently).
  Does anyone out in radioland know for sure if this was ZBVI? About 21-
22 years after logging from Bermuda, and I assumed that I had it logged 
from here, too.



  Disney must have added WKBZ to their web site in the past 24 hours. It 
wasn't there yesterday. 
  I notice that the web site now says they are in 48 markets. Yesterday 
it said 47. 
  Strange that they didn't add the 990 in Orlando FL or the 1340 in 
Auburn NY to the web site while they were doing their update.

**Kevin - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  This is WSDZ in Belleville, IL the Disney affiliate for St. Louis. I 
have heard them too an it took a LONG time to figure out who it was.

****Martin Elbe - elbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2/9.  This morning I heard an UNID on 1700 kHz. From 0625-0705 hrs 
UTC, Black Gospel music, a Spanish speaking station, most likely WAFN in 
background. Of course I thought of WEUV, Huntsville, Alabama, but the 
ID's I got (3 in total) all sounded like WEGP! Slogan for example "WEGP, 
playing the music of your life", and "24 hrs a day, WEGP" and into Black 
Gospel. What the heck now was this? WEGP is talks on 1390!

****Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  WEUV is //WEUP-1600, and they usually (maybe always) have only the 
WEUP ID.  This is very likely what you heard.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

1570  2/8 around 2007-8, heard an ID, quite clear very similar to "WEWN" 
       in/out with WPGM/WISP
1600  2/8 around 1740 and again around 2010, and still again 2/9 0720, 
       with MYL-type standards and a call either "WHJV" or similar. Is 
       this a change or an FM call associated with Elmira NY ex-1590 ?  
       *** This one is the new call for Bedford, PA, WHJB finally nailed 
       it down last evening! This appeared in DXN a few issues back...
1590  2/8  around 1735 with promo and station phone number 345-1590 - 
       nothing in my 1999-00 Log matches.
1580  2/8 around 1745-1800 w/ a country oldies type of format mixing 
       with WZKY/WLIM

  2/13. This morning around 0710, I had a religious station weak under 
what I believe was WSAI w/ standards, referring to itself as "His Radio" 
but no further ID'able material. Of course this could be simply the 
title of a syndicated program. The only REL format stations which are at 
all plausible are in NC....

**Lee Freshwater - LFreshwate@xxxxxxx

  Yes it may be WOBS 1530. They are a regular here in Ocala, FL. Owned 
by Metropolitan Radio. GM is Mike Craft. He is very friendly to Dxers...

*kevin redding - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx

  I was on the way home from work in a white 1999 Dodge Intrepid and was 
listening to 1600 and heard the audio from the NBC Nightly News with Tom 
Brokaw. Its a new one to me.

***David W. Onley - onleydw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Wondering if someone can help me with the following from our Cape 
Otway trip on the weekend.
  Heard 2 stations // on 1650 & 1660 with an oldies/NOS format. Is this 
WHKT Portsmouth and WMIB Marco? Any other stations that may network NOS 
on here?



*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1070  KKHT  TX, Houston, rec verie letter in 65df for daytime reception 
       in Dec. V/S: Thelma K. Brown-Admin. Assit. Address: 6161 Savoy - 
       Ste. 1200, Houston  TX  77036. Really pleased with this. (PM-OR)
1190  KLUV  TX, Dallas rec. verie letter in 168d, after follow up. V/S: 
       Bill Taylor-CE Address:  Infinity Broadcasting,  4131 N. Central 
       Expressway-Ste 700, Dallas TX  75204.  (PM-OR)

***joe talbot - n52w113@xxxxxxxxxxx

  British West Indies, Radio Vision Cristiana International, 530 kHz, 
full data letter, v/s Peter Polanco - Chief Engineer, in 5 weeks, for 
taped report and IRC. This using the South Caicos addresss.



Ed Hoffman - fasteddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Do you know of any websites that have reviews of the newest 
communications receivers?  Looking to upgrade.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

WGN radio (Chicago) will commemorate the first anniversary of Bob 
Collins' death with a moment of silence at 7:20 a.m. (CST) Thursday. The 
station will celebrate Collins' life and career on his birthday, Feb. 

John Bryant

  Throughout most of my career as a university professor of 
architecture, I have been fortunate to serve as a conduit between the 
culture/history/geography of Japan and that of the West. In 1976-77, I 
served as a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar to Japan, spending a year 
traveling throughout Japan to study the ancient rural and urban Zen-
based architectures of the 13th thru 19th Century. Since that time, I 
have lectured and written extensively on subjects related to Japan. I am 
also a life-long radio enthusiast, having found unending pleasure in 
using broadcast radio as a window on the cultures of the world. In 
recent years, I have specialized in listening to broadcasting from the 
Pacific and East Asia, especially of course, Japan. While some of these 
broadcasts are available on shortwave and now, the internet, my primary 
means of listening to Japanese radio in the past decade has been 
listening to long-distance medium wave broadcasts from my summer home 
located on the Canadian/US border, north of Seattle.
  In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the primary 
professional reference for worldwide radio, the World Radio and TV 
Handbook , was woefully inadequate and inaccurate in its coverage of 
Japanese broadcast radio. In January 2000, it appeared to me that the 
information available on the Internet had matured to the point that a 
much more accurate list of Japanese medium wave stations might be 
developed directly from various Japanese sources. The major difficulty 
in accomplishing this, of course, was the fact that virtually all 
websites of Japanese radio networks are written exclusively in the 
Japanese ideography called "kanji." Although I read a limited number of 
kanji, this year-long project would not have been possible without the 
extensive assistance of my former student and close friend, Professor 
Takazi Okuda of Nihon National University. Several Japanese students 
studying in the United States have also contributed to this effort. 
Professor Okuda and I are pleased to present this list for the use of 
broadcast professionals in the West as well as radio enthusiasts around 
the world. We believe that it the most complete and accurate list yet 
  The list is based on and cross-checked with a number of primary 
sources. The most important of these are the websites of the various 
commercial broadcasting networks and a recently web-published official 
listing of all transmitter sites in Japan. The latter, I might add, did 
not contain call letter or ownership information but did contain 
geographic coordinates. Finally, the efforts of a number of Japanese 
DXers to translate and publish lists of Japanese stations have also been 
very useful.
  The listing is currently offered in two forms:
  The Comprehensive Listing of Japanese Medium Wave Stations in Japan is 
34 pages in length and contains three lists: the basic data sorted by 
frequency, sorted by location and a third listing of the commercial 
stations sorted by broadcaster. 
  The Abridged Listing of Japanese Medium Wave Stations in Japan is 7 
pages in length and contains a by-frequency-only sort of the 300 or so 
stations in Japan that operate on 300 watts or more. The lowest power 
(100 watt) repeater stations are noted collectively on the appropriate 
  This listing is offered without restriction for any non-commercial use 
by the international community of radio enthusiasts. Clubs and 
individuals are invited to link to the site below, or to place the two 
pdf document on their own web pages.
  Currently, these two documents are offered only in 8.5 x  11 inch 
format. I hope to put up pdf documents in the international size very 
  The two documents may be found on my university web site at    
  The files are quite small, since there are no graphics involved. Also, 
the cover sheet of each document is largely blank, so don't panic when 
it appears that you have downloaded a blank document.

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

    Two Radio Marías in Guatemala 

  There are two Radio Marías in Guatemala City, one on FM 103.3, called 
R Asunción de María, and another one on AM 1600, called "la Radio de 
María, la emisora de la familia".  
  There is no relationship between the two, and the FM station (e-mail: 
asocrmaria@xxxxxxxxx or dprogra@xxxxxxxxxxxx) is the only one affiliated 
to the international R Maria organization with hq in Italy.
  "La Radio de María" has not received any reports from abroad so far, 
said Sister Virginia who I talked to today on the phone, +502 597 9578. 
"We are barely reaching out to the capital city", she said.
  No wonder. Guatemala City is a big place, and so a fairly exact 
address is a must if you wish to send them a report. Here´s where to, 
courtesy Sister Doris: Kilómetro 15, Carretera Roosevelt, Zona 2 Vía a 
Mixco, Ciudad de Guatemala.
  There is a 412 kB mp3 clip on the net ("DX quality") which set me on 
the right track. It was kindly supplied by Humberto Molina, of San 
Salvador, El Salvador. http://www.geocities.com/jhmolinam/rdemar.html

Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


  New RFPI time schedule in effect from Dec 1; 7480 was activated 
December 5; 15049 may later switch to 15065. In early February 7450 
began testing instead of 7480 and 15049 was off for repairs but still 
included here. But it always pays to check all RFPI frequencies beyond 
their scheduled hours. For latest updates see our Anomaly alert page 

Days and times here are strictly UT

Thu 0030 WOR WBCQ1 7415
Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 9475
Fri 1030 WOR WWCR 7435
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Fri 2215 MR  WWCR 9475
Sat 0100 COM RFPI 15049/15065 7450
Sat 0130 WOR RFPI 15049/15065 7450
Sat 0330 WOR WWCR 3215
Sat 0700 COM RFPI 7450
Sat 0730 WOR RFPI 7450
Sat 0900 WOR WRN to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1300 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 1330 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 1500 WOR WRN to North America
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Sat 2330 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049/15065
Sun 0000 WOR RFPI 15049/15065 7450
Sun 0200 WOR WBCQ2 9335-CUSB [ex-0030]
Sun 0330 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0530 COM RFPI 7450
Sun 0600 WOR RFPI 7450
Sun 0728 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 1130 COM RFPI [suspended]
Sun 1200 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Sun 2000 WOR WWCR 12160
Mon 0100 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210
Tue 1200 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21815-USB
Wed 0100 WOR RFPI 15049/15065 7450
Wed 0200 COM RFPI 15049/15065 7450
Wed 0700 WOR RFPI 7450
Wed 0800 COM RFPI 7450
Wed 1300 WOR RFPI 21815-USB
Wed 1400 COM RFPI 21815-USB


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  A new edition of COM is now available; see the WOR/COM/MR schedule 
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    CONTINENT OF MEDIA 01-02, produced by Glenn Hauser
    February 8, 2001

*COM is a listener-supported public service program about media around 
the continent, not especially shortwave
*COM is SW broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace International, Costa 
Rica; webcast by DXing.com sponsored by Universal Radio
*Nova Scotia RCMP installing Integrated Wide Area Network, putting an 
end to scanning 
*FEMA has emergency antennas at Lakewood, Colorado bunker
*Digital-only Florida TV station wins carriage rights on cable
*Doug Smith explains how major and minor virtual channel numbers will 
work with DTV
*Eureka 147 digital radio system outperforms all in-band systems! 
*Court rules against FCC minority hiring rules
*Pro-LPFM sites: http://www.radiodiversity.com/index2.shtml 
*Mike Dorrough`s SW station for the blind project in Wisconsin halted by 
public officials including Gov. Thompson. See http://www.wisclean.org
*Korean radio station in Federal Way, Washington, in zoning fight
*Hopi radio station KUYI-FM article, and other Indian radios: 
*Flagstaff has new TV stations on channels 4, 9
*Forstmann Little acquiring Citadel radio stations in $2giga deal, 
including Albuquerque`s KHFM, KKOB; classical format in danger? 
*WBT Charlotte has a post-nuclear bunker studio under the transmitter
*Big Voices of the Air: The Battle over Clear Channel Radio, new book on 
the concept, not the corporation, by Dr. James Foust, Iowa State 
University press [back-ordered at Amazon.com, ISBN: 081382804X]
*Recording of CHWO`s debut on 740 from Toronto, January 8
*WEVD 1050 New York has store of last remaining Yiddish program audio: 
*WBAI Fights Management`s Move to Turn the Station into NPR Lite: 
http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0103/sadasivam.shtml  See also: 
*WFUV 90.7 New York cancels Polka Party, Barrel Stops Rolling: 
*For Hire Phony Talk Radio Calls: 
*Gadgets to identify songs heard on the radio: http://eMarker.com and 
*Classic Stars Radio Online presents old time radio: 
*Salon.com Radio weekly show launches on PRI March 1 
*NPR and PBS announce ``strategic alliance``
*NBC runs master control and sales traffic of WVTM Birmingham from 
Miami, eliminating jobs at WVTM
*That`s COM 01-02; Glenn Hauser inviting you also to hear my weekly 
program, World of Radio                      ###

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  The following is from Kevin McCarthy at KLIF Radio
  In case you haven't already heard, klif is finally getting back to all 
local programming in the daytime with the addition of scott anderson to 
our line-up beginning monday 9-noon. my new time slot is noon-2pm.
  before you assume that's bad news for the old veteran here, let me say 
honestly that mgt. and i both put a lot of thought and discussion into 
my new hours and both sides think it will be beneficial for everyone 
  after almost 14 years of doing a daily show on klif, i've found that 
outside interests are receiving more of my attention lately, especially 
developing my new website at http://www.kevinmccarthy.net (please try to 
get that past your editors in your story if you do one) and a recent 
revival of my commercial voice-over career...the new schedule 
accommodates those interests, hopefully means the audience will get 3 
hours of content focused into 2 hours and gives scott a chance to have 
equal time to compete with mark davis and charlie jones.
  the great emmitt smith understood when the cowboys wanted to lighten 
his load so he could be fresher when he was carrying the ball for the 
cowboys to help him help the team and reach his goal of being the nfl's 
all time leading rusher.
  i'm hopeful the new klif line-up will work the same way for me---
besides, I just cashed a bonus check for the latest ratings and i'm 
still being paid for 3 hours! regards, kmc.

***José Mª Madrid Martínez - jmadrid@xxxxxxxxxx

  These days and because of the songs contest of the carnival of Cádiz, 
Radio Cádiz on 990 Kkz, has several nocturnal hours of local emission 
where we can heard a lot of songs of carnival type and some local 
advertising, I think that is a good opportunity to attempt this  
gaditaniannetwork, his electronics address is: radiocadiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Visit the Web Page of the MF of Andalucia. "Andalucia is FM" www.aer-
dx.org/listas/andalucia.htm in it you can find some information in two 
lists of Andalucia networks ordered by frequency and locality.
  Soon with monthly update. You can send your novelties, rectifications 
and news about this stations of Andalucia to jmadrid@xxxxxxxxxxx THANKS.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  The e mail address I listed for KAVT as PaulShinn@KSTN is no longer 
workable. The new e mail address for KAVT is <kavt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

**Mark S. Erdman - markse@xxxxxxxx

Radio Trivia Winner to Get the Station
  York, Nebraska (AP) - The winner of a local radio contest will be 
walking away with the ultimate prize - the radio station.
  With a $1,000 entry fee, the winner of KAWL's radio trivia contest 
will get the station, including its building, transmitter and all other 
  "In our business, we've been creating promotions for customers for 
years," said Tom Robson, the station's general manager.  "Why not have 
some fun and do it for ourselves?"
  The winner must correctly answer 30 trivia questions about radio, such 
as, "What do the initials AM and FM stand for?"
  If more than one person aces the trivia test, they will qualify for a 
tie-breaker round in which the first person to locate a list of radio 
terms in a word-find puzzle will win the station.
  Announced at last week's Radio Advertising Bureau meetings in Dallas, 
the contest officially started February 1.
  A winner will be announced only if the AM station's parent company, 
Prairie States Broadcasting of York, receives 1,000 entries by May 31, 
collecting a total of $1 million from entry fees, which will be placed 
in an escrow account and returned to the contestants if not enough 
entries are received.
  The unusual method of finding a new owner for the station developed 
over time.
  Robson put the trivia contest together on the station's web site - 
http://www.kawl1370.com - after talking to Federal Communications 
Commission officials, who told him they had not heard of it being done 
before. "The FCC actually thought it was interesting because they saw a 
chance for diversity," Robson said.  "In this age of media 
conglomerates, it would be real nice to have somebody who is just an 
individual get it."
  Nearly 300 entry forms were handed out at the radio convention in 
Dallas.  As of Wednesday, the station had received seven entries.
  The winner, if there is one, would still be required to apply to the 
FCC for ownership of the station.
  The 47-year old station, owned by local businessman Tom Gleason and 
his family, features oldies music, local news and sports, talk shows and 
University of Nebraska football. 
  The station currently is running a promotion that offers two lucky 
listeners $12,000 in farm supplies, including enough seed, fertilizer 
and fuel to grow 80 acres of corn or soybeans.
  "It's definitely a local station," Robson said.
  The station will stay in the Gleason family if the contest fails to 
produce a winner, he said.
  If not offered jobs with a new owner, the station's 15 full and part-
time employees would have the option of working at Prairie States' other 
local station, KTMX-FM.
  Robson said that the radio station is making money and that the new 
owner likely would see a large return on the $1,000 investment.  He said 
the family became more involved with other business ventures and decided 
it would be a good time to sell.

**kevin redding - amfmtvdx@xxxxxxxxx


***via Paul Ormandy - paulorm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
from Roger D. Joseph - rjoseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  St. Lucia Broadcasting Corporation no longer exists in its previous
state -  where it ran the national radio station, Radio St. Lucia.  The 
legislation enacting the Corporation was changed in 1999 to establish 
Radio St. Lucia Ltd. as a separate entity.
  The e-mail address for Radio St. Lucia Ltd. is rsl@xxxxxxxx

***Bo-Kristian Lindqvist - bkl@xxxxxx

  European FM Handbook 2001 will be available in May 2001!
  European FM Handbook (EFMH) will be published again!  EFMH was 
published as a book between 1988-1997 and as a limited paper version in 
1999 by Timo Leponiemi / Lepomedia Ky.
  A big demand for new versions of the European FM Handbook has been "in 
the air" for the past couple of years.  Many FM radio enthusiasts and 
Radio Broadcasters has been asking after new updated versions of EFMH.
  EFMH 2001, 12th edition will be a book containing about  450 pages 
with information on over 30000 FM radio stations in Europe, Middle East 
and Northern Africa.  Information included are frequencies, powers, 
transmitter sites, networks, local stations, addresses, telephone and 
telefax numbers, email, www addresses, maps and RDS information etc. 
European FM Handbook 2001 will be available in May 2001!
  The people behind the EFMH?
  European FM Handbook is published by Ab FM Media Plaza Limited, a 
publishing and IT company in Finland owned by well known FM Radio 
enthusiasts Bo-Kristian Lindqvist and Jim Solatie.
  Ab FM Media Plaza Ltd bought all EFMH publishing and copyright rights 
from Timo Leponiemi / Lepomedia Ky on January 19th 2001. European FM 
Handbook is put together by over 10 official EFMH editors located all 
over Europe.
  If you want to get notified when the European FM Handbook 2001 is 
ready to order, please mail your name and email address to 
  More information and a table of all EFMH Editors can be found on FM&TV 
DX Plaza at www.fmdx.com

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I have recently joined the Yahoo! Groups Sony ICF-2010 news group. It's 
a great source of information for this great radio. To join, check out 

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  L.A.'s news radio station KNX-AM (1070) has won a leading seven 
prizes, including awards for best live coverage and spot news, in the 
annual Associated Press Television-Radio Assn. of California & Nevada 
  San Jose's KNTV lead the TV categories with seven awards. Among L.A. 
winners, KCOP took four honors, including best news writing, and KTLA 
won two awards, with both--including the best anchor distinction--going 
to "News at Ten's" Hal Fishman. (LA Times)

**Michiel Van Ooijen - micvoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Sun does a flip a sure sign that solar maximum is here
  Full details at: 
  You can't tell by looking, but scientists say the Sun has just 
undergone an important change. Our star's magnetic field has flipped. 
The Sun's magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just 
a few months ago, now points south. It's a topsy-turvy situation, but 
not an unexpected one. "This always happens around the time of solar 
maximum," says David Hathaway, a solar physicist at the Marshall Space 
Flight Center. "The magnetic poles exchange places at the peak of the 
sunspot cycle. In fact, it's a good indication that Solar Max is really 


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Telefax 707-313-2458, E-mail rdcuff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or John Figliozzi, 
E-mail jfiglio1@xxxxxxxxxxxx Postal Mail:  Winter SWL Festival, P. O. 
Box 4153, Clifton Park, NY 12065
The 2001 WTFDA Convention will be held at the Super 8 in Boise July 27-
29. Inquiries can be sent to: N7SOK@xxxxxxx
2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA over Labor Day weekend.


     Geomagnetic Summary February 6 2001 through February 12 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

  2/ 6   170    12    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 6
     7   164     5    1    low         quiet-unsettled     - 5
     8   157     7    1    v low-low   quiet-unsettled     - 5
     9   162     5    1    low         quiet-unsettled     - 7
    10   161     6    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 3
    11   151    10    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 4
  2/12   145     7    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 5

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Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00, DXM/SDXM $46.00

To join the IRCA, send the appropriate dues to:  IRCA HQ
                                                 PO Box 1831
                                                 Perris CA  92572-1831
If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them 
to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx
END of 2/15/01 THE "AM DX NewsFlash"
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