Re: [HCDX] 5562 kHz
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Re: [HCDX] 5562 kHz

On 5562 there's been logged for well over a year
Turkish  first program of TRT iding as Radio Bir.
You can check the parallels on MW. They used to
have an interval signal of cuckoo at the TOH.
This could be 6th harmonic of Izmir 927 but
who knows for sure.

Jari Savolainen

You wrote:

>5562.0 kHz 15 feb 2100 Unid,  and the id keeps evading my braincells,
>or what's left of them.. The noise level is just a little to high.  It's in
>Vernacular  with one or two French-sounding words now and then. I
>have a few speculations regarding the country or countries. But the
>names of most capitals or countries in former French or Belgian
>colonies in Africa have been heard in their news, in conversations, in
>soccer game reports, etc. So I take nothing for sure. Does anyone
>know in what language they say "Marhaba" for Hi,  hello,  good-
>evening or any greeting ?   Yesterday, in  a phone px, after a soccer
>match,  it was "Alló, marhaba" from the studio, then the caller said
>"Marhaba" and went on with his or her business. There were  more
>than a dozen of such short calls, so that word really sticks to my mind.
>And  I know that right after pressing the send buttom to dispatch this
>cry for help, there will be a 100 % id...
>(Murphy's Law, the inverted version, I hope).
> But now  I am getting tired of this evasive one. Johan Berglund,
>Trollhättan, Sweden.

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