[HCDX] NOS on 1620 // 1650 // 1660
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[HCDX] NOS on 1620 // 1650 // 1660

Hi List:

The same Nostalgia program is also on 1620, and is  // 1650 // 1660.  Does 
anyone know which x-bander on 1620 is carrying the same program?  Fading 
often here so I haven't caught an ID.

Lee Silvi


Hi Lars

>WHKT-1650 and WMIB-1660 is running the same Nostalgia-program the last 5 or 
6 weeks. Local gates with stationidentifications >and spots can be heard 
quite often.
>/Lars Bygdén
>Editor of Distance, Sweden

Great, thanks to you & Pat Martin for clearing this up. Heard the ABC news 
but was not sure if it was something else fading up. It was the typical dx 
scenario of getting an hours worth of music but no clear ID's. Thought I 
heard an FM call thrown in as well.

Again thanks

Dave Onley
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