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[HCDX] Loggings

>From Trollhättan, Sweden

A few loggings

6025 16 feb  2315  Radio Amandcer, Santo Domingo. Spanish and fair signal. But the stations on 6020, VoTurkey  in English, and VOIRI in Spanish are not so easy to surpress. But good enough to report. (There were warnings for false profhets issued both from Santo Domingo and Tehran, presumably they had not the same persons in mind).
9736.0 17 feb 2325 Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Asunción, Still the same kind of               
 music you would hear in the 60's or 70', and that is not so bad, I mean. QSA    
 QSA 2-3.

5755 17 feb  KAIJ, Dallas, Texas. Id on the hour, otherwise University Network and 
Dr. Gene Scott. Toll free calls, both domestic and internacional. QSA 3+

3240 17 feb.  UN id at 0210. Hunting for Honduras on 3250, which I will get some night, I found a much disturbed ME station here. Just songs and music, and some talking  between music. QSA 2-3, but much QRM. If this is a harmonic, 1080 and 810 should be looked into. IRIB1 is on 1080.

1700 19 feb 0300 No  callsign id from any US station here, but very good reception of  programs from La Voz Crisitiana. Also in their program  threre was  a promotional for Radio La Luz, Lima, Peru on 1080 kHz, by satellite feed. So this is La Única, or is it? 

1650 and 1660 are indeed on with the same px. 1650 weak here, 1660 good .19 feb 0245.  Nostalgia. 

Radio Habana Cuba noted last night with Sp on 5965 at 0130 and at the same time in EE on 6000. On 6030 more cubans, Radio Martí and strong cuban jammer. Come on now Fidel, you're out of date !  And to grown-up to play with toys like those.

189 & 207 Iceland on longwave would be an easy catch for DX-ers in North America, am I right? Here Feb 17 2230 good music on 189, just splatter from 183 Europé # 1, on 207 sharing the frequency with Deutschlandsfunk. At least QSA 4 on both frequencies. 

 Have  a look at an Icelandic homepage e.g. www.ismennt.is and you'll find letters which I think are unique for this language. Do try to pronounce them, they won't hurt your tongue, just twist it.  Iselandic is in the nordic-germanic group of languages, but as Norwegian, Danish and Swedish have changed  considerably, going their own ways but  still quite understandable for each other, Icelandic  is the archaic  Viking forefather, and all new words from other languages which we adopt in Sweden in an instant,  are carefully given their Icelandic form. Television is Sjónvarp, where sjónmust be related to Swedish skönja, to see, to glance, and varp  is related to English  warp, German zu werfen, to throw. We have it in a few special words and meanings in Swedish, all having to do with throw. 

So are Icelander linguistically isolated ? Not a bit. If a person in another Scandinavian country has to talk to one, not using English , he or she will find that they  are perfectly on terms, as Icelanders also talk "Nordic" a hearty mix of Danish and Norwegian moslty. I can,t myself make out Iselandic and it is the same thing with Faroese, which I know you might be able to hear on 531 kHz.  73 de JB


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