[HCDX] 9155 kHz
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[HCDX] 9155 kHz

Hi all,

This afternoon I've quite fairly heard a station on 9155 kHz. I presume that
was Voice of Azerbaijan.

Tuned to the frequency at 1038, and stayed there until 1100, end of
broadcast. Couldn't catch any ID, though. Language was Arabic, but songs
definitely were in one of Turkic languages (Azerbaijani belongs to this
group, indeed).

Some time ago, Wolfgang Bueschel, Olle Alm and Noel Green discussed in BC-DX
whether Voice of Azerbaidjan still uses 9155 kHz. Apparently, it does! And
modulation, BTW, is quite good.

73 & best dx,
Dmitri Mezin,
Kazan, Russia

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