[HCDX] World Beacon Update
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[HCDX] World Beacon Update

Received today from Scott Westerman:

Here's an update on our test transmission project from the United Arab
Emirates. We're having a minor technical challenge getting the Beacon audio
feed on the air from UAE, and for the sake of moving ahead with our tests,
we authorized Merlin to run a BBC feed from that site to see what coverage
is like. It's intermittently on the air between 19-21 UTC on 15470 kHz and
my listening posts in Accra, Nairobi, Luande, Jo'burg and Madagascar all
report that it booms in like a local AM station.

We'll be working on getting a Beacon audio feed on that channel and I'll
shoot you a note when it's up and running. In the meantime, your reports on
the BBC feed to scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx are welcome.

If this frequency plan works out, the World Beacon will settle into a four
hour daily schedule to Africa on two frequencies. We will likely keep our
3230 kHz tropical band channel as that does well in the South, and will pick
up a second frequency to cover the northern half of the continent. We're
still on 9675 kHz from Rampisham while we sort things out.

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