RE: [HCDX] 1512 kHz 11-Apr 0358-0505 UT
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RE: [HCDX] 1512 kHz 11-Apr 0358-0505 UT


> I've been monitoring 1512 from 0355 UT today.
> 0355   ERA men talked
> 0358   ERA Greek song  woman
> 0359   ERA as 0358 + another station with id   RAI Radiotre ....
> bon ascolto...(Palermo is listed)

On the 10th and 11th, There was clearly Balkan mx noticeable underneath of
the RVi signal on 1512 kHz between 1815 and 1915 UTC.  On the 12th and 13th
this was not the case, or at least not that much noticeable.  I am still
puzzled which station this can be.  I have put a soundfile online.  Of
course you will hear RVi in front but try to concentrate on the station in
the background.  Who can identify this one.  There is an announcement at
second 50.

You can hear it at
or download it at


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