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t670   WSCR   IL, Chicago, presume the Sports talk station buried
u/KBOI/KLTT at 0157 EDT 7/30 with "The Score" ID, then lost under KBOI
loud spot. (PM-OR)

670   KLTT    CO, Commerce City, this station has been a reg. u/KBOI
nightly of late. I wonder if they are operating at full power, ID at
0158.30 u/o KBOI with "KLTT" ID mention 7/30. This is a regular in
Rancho Mirage CA. (PM-OR)

1190   WOWO  IN, Fort Wayne, u/KEX with "1190 WO-WO" IDs at 0206 EDT
7/30. They sounded like 50 KW tonight. (PM-OR)

1630   WTEL   GA, Augusta, good on top with "News Talk 1630, WTEL
Augusta" at 0306 7/29. Some KCJJ QRM. (PM-OR)

1670  WTDY  WI, Madison, good on top of KNRO with "WTDY, Madison" men at
0405 EDT 7/29. (PM-OR)

1680    WTTM    NJ, Princeton, good on top with ESPN Sports "The Team"
IDs at 0455 EDT 7/29. No sign of WJNZ and KAVT weak as usual off the
Eastern Beverage. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
PO Box 843
Seaside  OR  97138-0843

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