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1220    CHSC   Canada, St. Catherines, Ontario, fair with oldies mx and
"12-20 CHSC" ID at 0300 EST 12/15. (PM-OR)

1330     KFH     Kansas, Wichita, fair on top with "Hot Talk 13-30 KFH"
ID, then into Art Bell show at 0306 EST 12/15 (PM-OR)

1330    WMNN    Minnesota, Minneapolis, fair trading places with KFH
with News, ID at 0310 "News Radio, MNN" 12/15 (PM-OR)

1570   CKEG    Canada, Nanaimo, BC, fair with AOR mx at 1750 EST 12/14,
ID for FM at 1756, more AOR mx, then at 1800 EST, dead air and within a
couple minutes, carrier cut. The end of an era .Station is now on FM
only. (PM-OR)

1570    CKMW    Canada, Winkler, MB, good with usual C&W mx at 0305 EST
12/15 "Country 15-70 CKMW" ID. Really odd to hear this with no QRM from
CKEG either. This looks like a dandy frequency now. At least until our
local is built on 1570, if it is. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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