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Just to advise you that there are  2 adds on the press agencies list ( from 
Hungary and Finland) and one correction ( Ethiopian news agency) All this info 
has been updated in my  web page Just look at the links page under the press 
agencies ( this is in text mode) 

Below are some  interesting logs : A freq change(?) , logs on Chinese stations 
for 12interresdting logs on 12  , and two  pirates.

IN'SIA  15120 RRI  2210  with nx (8=10) No signal on 12 

S TOME 4960 (freq. change) VoA at 1929 with VoA news now, 43433 , Liangas 12 

BOTSWANA 4820 , R Botswana  news in English, 1804  , signal S9, 43433 --1010 
Also 1642 on 11-10 with news and reports ID ' R Botswana.. from Gaborone " , 
reports on Oman Again 1652 with pop songs . Signal for 11-10 was S7 for 1642 
with SINPO 33323 and fast fade , S9 for 1652 and same SINPO. For 12 signal is 
below S7 

E GUINEA 5003.5 R Bata , 1807 with ethnic music , signal S9 , 33333   1010 Also 
on 1856 11-10 

UZBEKISTAN? 5025 R Tashkent? 1615 with a turkic lang and political talks (?)Again tune in 1634 nothing heard. Signal S7 Liangas Oct 11 

Cland /subharmonic 4785 V Iraqi People 1928 with ID "idaatu .. min Iraq sawt al .. Iraqi" Signal S9 while main freq. at 9658 was S7 ! Also heard 11-10 

Cland 6850 Vo f Mojahed 1620 political talks in Farsi. Continuous freq. change between 6850 and 6870 about twice per minute , changing immediately after jammer is in their frequency  ( abt 5-7 secs after VoM freq. change)
 !! Liangas Oct 11 

TAIWAN 11550 CBS Taipei 1700 , with ID in Eng. , hymn follows. Mean Signal S5 or 34423 Liangas Oct 11

KUWAIT 15110 R Kuwait, 1655 with 'unplugged' Indian song . Program in Urdu after 1700 
Found clear ID on 1725 Liangas Oct 11

GUAM  5765 AFN 1935 with pop songs  Unchain my heart at 2021 ( new tune in) . Sinal S5 with 10 db preamp QRM by operator on 1935 at 5764U Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece 

INSIA 15150 VoINS in English, 2039 song 'ku cinta padamu' by Malay singer Siti Nuraliza, , man speaking on tribals , then again a Malay type song . News, ref to agencies PNA and Antara for cooperation. PNA will open offic
e on Jakarta. Gamelan music in part and close of program with carrier to remain on at least 5 minutes Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece 

M'SIA 7295 R One English prg 2234 with the Malay song 'sampai hati' in samba version then a disco song .Signal S5 , 22322 QRM a buzzer Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece 
DO 9750 VoM 2241 with pop Malay songs S9 , 43433 with program 'warna di malaysia' Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece 

TAIWAN ( per ILG) 11550 R Australia , prg B Indonesia 2132 with intl news , a kroncong song , 'crazy'  man playing song of Elvis ,and asking if someone speaks english . tune in again 2228 with lessons of english. This is 
about 10 years since I first heard this program and started learning bahasa the inverse way!( that time on 15330) Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece
6306 Mike R Intl  1945 with song ; too shy shy; . Many ID s across the program 

6402.3 Bordenhunter? 1945 with mix of german(ic) and western - pop rock- songs , passin 2000  with music without ID .Abt 2006 with phone in then HM song then contunuing the music mix program. ID soemwhen during fadeout 21
44 with Fernando of Abba . Signal S4 at 1945 becoming S8 at 2000 and back to S4 at 2144, with slow and deep fadings down to zero lvel. Best on AM N  Liangas Oct 12 THS Greece 
CHINESE STATIONS - short logs + ILG 
4750 Hulun Buir		2145 S4with low audio CC presume 
4840 Heilongjiang	2148 <S9 talks in CC  , 33322 ( on AM N =normal filter) 
4850 CPBS!?			2149 <S8 talks in CC , good in LSB 
4990 Henan 		2151 <S2 
5010 CPBS 2 		2157 <S9 , 34333 on AM N 
6265 Qinghai 		2226 <S9 YL talks,song  33333

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