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[HCDX] Logs

Hi all,

Logs from 21st October at Waianakarua...


6100 R Tirana, 0626, fair signal in Albanian with ids. Was looking for Nigeria/Liberia though this blocked the channel well past 0700. Ormandy Oct 21st


8700u US Psyops station, 0437, plenty of talk with occasional Afghani song, some brief breaks in transmission, occasionally seemed like audio failure as there was a distinct audio hum in the background. Fair-good signal. Location continues to mystify. Ormandy Oct 21st


15120 V of Nigeria, 0746, poor-fair signal in English with fluttery signal, improved after 0800. Ormandy Oct 21st


7215 Uke Senderen, 0615, first traced at this time though weak and suffering splash from both sides. Very distinctive avant-garde music styles. Signal peaked around 0645 and at 0700 there was a female announcer was heard, followed by an audio clip in American accented English. Another very brief announcement heard at 0717. Will need to send a tape. Ormandy Oct 21st

6245.1 Unid, 0510, weak and getting hammered by ute. Heard with English pops. Ormandy Oct 21st

6275 Unid, 0605, weak with English pops, QRM from heavy carrier on 6276. Ormandy Oct 21st

6276.9 Swinging Radio England, 0604, poor with English comedy show, heard later with 40's & 50's music. Ormandy Oct 21st

6296.1 Spaceman R, 0504, best heard 48m pirate with plenty of EE tunes including pops & C&W. Still going past 0700. Ormandy Oct 21st

6300 Unid, 0534, up poor-fair very briefly then disappeared and not heard again. Ormandy Oct 21st

6304 Alfa Lima Int, 0502, por signal though improving steadily past 0600 with relay of R Geronimo, in //15070. Ormandy Oct 21st

6401.5 Unid 0614 with choral music and soft-pops, weak. Ormandy Oct 21st

15795 Borderhunter, 0719, fair signal with "La Bamba" and other EE pops. Ormandy Oct 21st

Paul Orma
Host of The South Pacific DX

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