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[HCDX] Logs


just three little logs from today:

BRAZIL:  6040  RC Paranaense 0705-0712 in Portuguese with commercials,
jingle and local news, 23332 (Nov 21 Gehrig)

MEXICO:  6010 XEOY R.Mil 0712-0720 in Spanish with commercials and love
songs, weak (Nov 21 Gehrig)

SOLOMON ISLANDS: 5020 SIBC Honiara 1900-1907 in English with news read
by woman, very weak and quickly fading (Nov 21 Gehrig)

No   traces  yet  of  Vanuatu's evening program on 4960, it's normally
an easy catch at my QTH at this time of year, I guess the high flux is
adversely   affecting   the  propagation  on the low bands (no luck on
7260, either).
Enzio Gehrig
Denia/Spain (38.50N/000.04E)

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