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FW: [HCDX] Re: WRNO World Wide

Glenn Hauser wrote:

> This is not exactly the case. Marie has apparently overlooked some recent
> reports in DXLD (and, I think, Cumbre) of a very weak transmitter
> on 7354.4,
> in the 2300-0300 UT period, apparently relaying some New Orleans
> religious
> FM station. This is no doubt the old WRNO backup transmitter, but
> under what
> calls it may now go we are uncertain. It also tends to mix with WWL 870
> producing products plus/minus 870 from 7355, (and/or 7395, its other
> frequency).

Apparently the call is unchanged. I did a search on WRNO on the FCC site,
and came up with a document at
which says that the FCC transferred to licence from Ashton R. Hardy
(successor to Joe Costello) to Good News World Outreach on 14 June 2001. The
same document also refers to the granting of a Construction Permit to
Assemblies of Yahweh's WMLK "to make changes in antenna structure to
accomadate [sic] increase in power."

Andy Sennitt

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