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Re: [HCDX] Re: WRNO World Wide

I just tuned to 7355 (but was definitely on 7354.4 as Glenn states). The FM
station being relayed is WBSN-FM, 89.1 MHz owned by Providence Educational
Foundation, 3939 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126.

Plenty of "89.1FM" IDs are given, but at the top of the hour, also gave a
website as ( also works with the same site
info). No mention of SW, though that I could find.

Got info from MIT Stations on the Internet website, who list this as
Christian Contemporary music. Played a lot of Christmas music and had solid
S9 signal on my K9AY the half hour I listened to it researching the data..

John Sgrulletta
Mahopac, NY

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> This is not exactly the case. Marie has apparently overlooked some recent
> reports in DXLD (and, I think, Cumbre) of a very weak transmitter on
> in the 2300-0300 UT period, apparently relaying some New Orleans religious
> FM station. This is no doubt the old WRNO backup transmitter, but under
> calls it may now go we are uncertain. It also tends to mix with WWL 870
> producing products plus/minus 870 from 7355, (and/or 7395, its other
> frequency).
> Regards, Glenn Hauser

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