[HCDX] Good News World Outreach
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[HCDX] Good News World Outreach

Found these contact details for Good News World Outreach, the new owners of

P. O. Box 895,
Fort Worth,
Texas 76101,
United States of America

Tel: 817.226.6100
Fax: 817.226.6105



BTW also found this related item in DXLD-1048

"** U S A. WRNO Worldwide shortwave is sold to a non-profit religious
group, whose directors include a citizen of Zimbabwe and a citizen of
Australia. The New Orleans operation was one of the very few attempts
to create a viable commercial shortwave operation (doing CHR). It was
an offshoot of WRNO-FM, and has recently been in the hands of
executor and New Orleans communications attorney Ashton Hardy. Looks
like the Ft. Worth-based Good News World Outreach will run WRNO
Worldwide as a non-commercial proposition (Mstreet Daily Apr 5 via
Lawrence rec.radio.shortwave via Lamb, Cumbre DX via DXLD)"

and in DXLD-1088 the FCC information, confirming approval of the sale, I
posted earlier can also be found.

As regards power, the B01 schedule on the FCC site lists 50kW.

Andy Sennitt

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