[HCDX] Latinamerican station on 1350 kHz
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[HCDX] Latinamerican station on 1350 kHz

Hi there !

During the weekend pedition in the Finnish countryside we were able 
to hear some Latin American MW stations at 0500-0700 UTC. I just 
wonder, which latinamerican station has religious broadcasts on 1350 
kHz. I have not found any IDs so far from the tapes but I am keep 
searching. The program consisted of religious talk and phone-in-
program. There was also QRM from another latinamerican station on 
1350 kHz with musical program, propably from Colombia. At the same 
time we heard CARACOL on 1410 khz. So, perhaps the station on 1350 
kHz was also from Colombia ? All tips are very welcomed. Thank you.

73's Hannu from Finland

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