[HCDX] High Adventure (New Broadcast to S.Asia)
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[HCDX] High Adventure (New Broadcast to S.Asia)


Today (December 2, 2001), I noticed a NEW broadcast from High Adventure on 6040 at 0045 in Tamil, 0100 in Malayalam (my mother tongue) & 0145 Sinhala. It signed off at 0130 with English id and adress as PO Box 2801, EASTBOURNE - East Sussex - BN21 2EQ - UK.
email: highadventureuk@xxxxxxxxxxxx The signal was excellent and id in Hindi in between different segmnets were given as " Radio Anmeeya Yatra" whose translation would be something like "Divine Journey Radio". The announcements indicated that they starts the broadcast at 0000 UTC.(I must check them in the coming days) This info is not listed in their website www.highadventure.org.Their site incidently gave the following info of interest:

 "We are currently building a new transmission site in Northern Nigeria where we will broadcast FM, AM and shortwave, eventualy reaching most of the continent of Africa."



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