[HCDX] Help to identify latinamerican station 1350 kHz !
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[HCDX] Help to identify latinamerican station 1350 kHz !

Hi there !

Some time ago I told you about an unidentified Latin American station 
I heard on 1st December on 1350 kHz here in Northeastern Finland. I 
have had no luck with the ID so far but the station is situated in 
UTC-5 zone as it gave time announcement ?1.36? at 0636 UTC. So, it 
must be from one of the following countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. 
(or even  Cuba or Panama). This mysterious religious station gave two 
phonenumbers: 4-92-67-14 and 4-92-55-71. Perhaps some of you living 
in Southern America could identify those two phone numbers. The 
signal was rather good even in Finland. The program consisted of 
religious talk and phone calls from listeners. 

Any help is really welcomed. Muchas gracias !

Hannu Romppainen

******* Hannu Romppainen, Paltamo, FINLAND ***************

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