Re: [HCDX] test tranmisson to North America 23-25 December
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Re: [HCDX] test tranmisson to North America 23-25 December

Radio Central test transmission was received here in New Mexico, most of the transmission time. The signal was VERY weak, and with splatter from WWCR on 5935 it was VERY difficult to hear much of the transmission. ID's and musical selections were heard amoungst the talking.Will try for better signal tomorrow night.
Bob in New Mexico, USA

Mikhail Timofeyev wrote:

> Colleagues,
> If you will send any electronic reception reports to Radio Center please
> send a copy of your report to my e-mail address (timofeyev@xxxxx). Let's
> hope our signal will be able to reach the east coast at least. Thank you
> in advance for any help...
> Mikhail
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> >From: "Konstantin Gusev" <gusev@xxxxxxx>
> >To: "HCDX" <hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >Subject: [HCDX] test tranmisson to North America 23-25 December
> >Date: ë·, 1 ?ÂÍ 2001 20:52
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> > Radio Center from Moscow (1503 AM) will perform Christmas test broadcasts to
> > North America on December 23,24 and 25th 03.00-05.00 UTC 5925 kHz via St.
> > Petersburg 200kW tx. First hour will be in Russian and second - mostly in
> > English. This test is dedicated to 70th anniversary of start of regular
> > Christian broadcasting on shortwaves. The US phone number to contact will be
> > announced during the programme. E-mails to contact are:
> letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
> > letters@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or radiocenter@xxxxxxxx Postal address for reports and
> > suggestions: Radio Center, ul.Nikolskaya,7, 103012 Moscow, RUSSIA.
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> >  Konstantin Gusev  gusev@xxxxxxx ICQ:8858045
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