[HCDX] unbelievable Mailinglist
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[HCDX] unbelievable Mailinglist

Hi friends,

I'd like to share the following story with you:

Yesterday I received a mail that informed me that

"I've added you to my bcdx_net group at Yahoo! (standard Yahoo text
deleted) Here's a description of the group:
  talk about this wonderful electronic media- radio dxing"

This was signed by:

Moderator, bcdx_net"

Hmm... I sent the following questions to the moderator:

"Hi there,
may I ask who the moderator is and where you see the need for this new
group? In other words: Whats the difference to the already existing

Guess the answer? Here it is:

"Please, unsubscribe. Thanks.

-----Original Message-----
From: prrabakaran jaasds [mailto:bcdxer@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2002 4:02 PM
To: bcdx_net@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [bcdx_net] Re: Welcome to the bcdx_net group

thank you very much for your request

So this "OM" does not seem to be able to answer this simple questions
about his own group. Oh boy...

Have a nice weekend ;-)

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