[HCDX] Website for new Latin American MW DX Club
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[HCDX] Website for new Latin American MW DX Club

Hello!  Thanks to Bogdan for posting here about the
group.  If you are interested in learning more about
DXing Latin American countries on Medium Wave (AM
Broadcast Band in the US and Canada, or AMBCB), or if
you have been doing it for a long time, we'd love
to have you join us.   We give DX tips, loggings,
solar weather alerts, propagation, receivers and
antennas.  Our big project now is to assemble a
databae of the audio IDs of as many Latin American
stations as possible, so fellow DXers can use them to
help with IDing what they hear on the radio.

Please join us if you have an interest in this
fascinating field of radio.  It doesn't matter what
type of equipment you have... in this season, just
about any radio with decent AM reception is capable of
DXing at least a few countries in Latin America!   Our
address is:


Moderator, Latin American MW DX Club

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