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[HCDX] Logs

Logs, AOR 7030, 20m wire at Musick Point, Auckland, New Zealand


3210 , 07.41 WWCR, good with Glenn Hauser world of radio 1161, and pointing
listeners to" world of radio.com" website (Norrie, 22nd December)


3205 , R Ribeirao Preto, 08.23 ,Clear PP language, male/female consecutive
readings in PP, Tentative ID and frequency information at 08.30, rare
logging for me (Norrie, 22nd December), nothing on other low band
Brazilians 2490/2470/2460/2380.

4795, 08.08 Unidentified but announcing as "Banderiantes" , and adverts
through "windscreen wiper sweeper" noise (Norrie, 22nd December)

4985, 08.20 R Brasil Central (almost certainly), but no ID, good signal
lively discussion (Norrie, 22nd Dec)


3279.55, LA Vozel Napo, 08.35 , good signal with Classical christmas music
(Norrie, 22nd Dec)

3289.86, Radio Centro, 08.02, good with SS phone in? later becam a real
mess with co channel stations, no sign of reported harmonic on 6579
(Norrie, 22nd Dec)


3310 , Radio Mosoj Chaski, 08.00 signing on, earliest I have ever heard
them, by 08.12 good with hymns (Norrie, 22nd Dec)


15065.05 , 07.28 relaying Radio Australia's programme on Helen Duncan then
into "discussions on archaelogy" with Patrick Green (some sort of
harmonic of RA??)Norrie, 22nd Dec

happy Xmas to all

David Norrie

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