[HCDX] 11734 or 11735 Khz ?
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[HCDX] 11734 or 11735 Khz ?

Hello, Everybody ! Great Christmas for all !!

First of all - you the professionals in area DX, therefore probably also I ask to help me... Yesterday December 22 near Moscow with SINPO 34533 since 19.38 UTC I listened to radiostation, where till 20.00 UTC music non-stop, namely was transmitted Phil Collins, duet man and woman "Fall in love ...", others songs on English. After 20.00 UTC similar there was news, and at 20.09 UTC music, but already on a national language has begun to sound. Why I ask to help, business that I can not precisely determine frequency of broadcasting of 
radiostation at all, not that what even to identify it, as Passport 2003 gives on this time three stations, and I in this connection have got confused in its definition. Someone can all the same is capable me to help, and will call precise frequency of broadcasting and title of radiostation, to which one I listened. 

Yours faithfully, Vlad. 

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