[HCDX] Re: 60 meters DX tips
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[HCDX] Re: 60 meters DX tips

Hello, they (Radio Difusora ancrena) just signed off a couple of minutes
ago, as of 0300 UTC. They gived frequencies with call-leters and even tough
I don't speak portuguese at all, I could understand that what I had heard
what their 4885 kHz outlet and they also simulcast on MW //690 (I have a
local). Their signal was excellent with very few fadings during the last 20
minutes of their stay on the air. I will try for them again tomorrow.

Their excellent signal pointed me to check MW again, but the only
interestign thing was hearing faint salsa under RCN on 760, possibly Peru
around 0138 UTC. It quickly faded away.

Well, that's is it !,
73 and good DX,
Hope you had strong ZY signals on 60 meter bands too !
My equipment was a simple Realistic DX 351 portable with a 75 meters of
outdoor wire attached to the headphones connection side.
Bogdan Chiochiu near Mtl

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