[HCDX] Bhutan BS
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[HCDX] Bhutan BS

Hello again,

if one cannot sleep as a DXer it makes sense to get up from the bed and to
tune in to the frequency 6035 kHz. Last night I could observe here the
Bhutan BS with sensational signal strength of partly S=9+10. Unfortunately
there was some interference caused by a power station on 6040.

6035 BBS Timphu, December 27th, 0110-0145, Dzongha, Bhutanese songs,
international news 0130-0135, QRM 6040; SINPO partly 43423

The station is active on sw only monday to friday, signing on at 0100 UTC.
The signal decreases after 0130 due to the local sunrise in Bhutan.

A Happy New Year to all

Michael Schnitzer - michael_schnitzer@xxxxxx
Location: Hassfurt, Germany
Receiver: NRD-525
Antennas: 25m long wire
          DX-One Professional
          EWE to South America
          EWE to Asia/Pacific

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