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[HCDX] Logs

4716.73 Radio Yura, Yura, 0051 0056, Feb 17, Spanish, Musical Program, Comments by female announcer, Estamos llegando al final...., 22322, (Eramo, Argentina)

4722.85 Radio Uncia, Uncia, 2353 0021, Feb 18/19, Spanish, musical program, Direct information from the soccer match between Bolivar vs Boca Juniors, Request reception reports for their transmission on shortwave, ID aqui en Radio Uncia, 34333, (Eramo, Argentina)

4746.86 Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, 0057 0101, Feb 17, Spanish, musical program, tc and Id en Radio Huanta 2000, siete con cincuenta y nueve minutos..., 24222, (Eramo, Argentina)

4856 Radio La Hora, Cusco, 0102 0105, Feb 17, Spanish, man announcer, ads, Id Radio La Hora que siempre le da la hora, 24342, (Eramo, Argentina)

11430U KWRN Radio Nordland (D) via Radio Cochiguaz, 2120 2130, Feb 21, German, English, Musical Program with some latin american songs, ID Aquí Radio Nordland la emision Onda Corta, 24332, (Eramo, Argentina)

14569.7L Sligo European Radio via Radio Blandengue, 2100 2120, Feb 21, English, musical program (music from 1980 and 1960), Id Broadcasting from Ireland on....This is Sligo European Music.., 24332, (Eramo, Argentina)

14569.7 Emisora Z del Dragon via Radio Blandengue, 2230 2300, Feb 21, Ids en Spanish, Italian French and English, musical program, Id Questa e Emisora Z del Dragon, 24332, (Eramo, Argentina)

4828 ZBC, Gweru, 0206 0220, Feb 20, Vernacular, man announcer, musical program (very nice african music), mention Gweru several times, Id ....ZBC.....noted in // with 3306, 34333, (Eramo, Argentina)

Lat:34º34'49S  Long:58º32'26W
Villa Lynch
Prov. Buenos Aires

Icom  IC-R75, Kenwood R-2000, Sony ICF 2010

T2FD with balun 3.1
V Inverted 15 mts with balun 1.1
V Inverted 11 mts with balun 1.1
Longwire 15 metros

MFJ-959B Receiver Antenna Tuner/Preamplifier

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