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[HCDX] Logs

Mark  Mohrmann
Coventry, Vt. USA
NRD 535D
V-Beam 140m @180 deg.

COLOMBIA 2200.08 HJMK Emisora Ideal, Planeta Rica (2x1100), Mar
19, 1001, apparent sign-on ID into announcer with talk, // a
weaker 3300.12. (Mohrmann-VT)

COLOMBIA 2979.99 HJAG Radio Garzón (2x1490), Mar 13, 1005-1039,
Religious talk and hymn, 1014 canned ID over anthem "...Radio
Garzón..." followed by vocal, 1018 announcer with talk and ID 
in passing "...Radio Garzón...la hora en Colombia..." into campo
vocals, more ID's, fading with local sunrise. Also Mar 14, 1010
with campo ballad and announcer with ID. Very surprised to find
this one here as this is also the 2nd harmonic of our local
1 kW broadcaster WIKE which is only about 5 miles north
of here in Newport, and has until this DX season traditionally
held forth on this frequency. (Mohrmann-VT)

ECUADOR (presumed) 3499.79 La Voz de Riobamba (3x1150), Mar
14, 1015, Andean vocal followed by ads, weak signal.

ECUADOR (tentative) 5040.04 La Voz del Upano, Mar 19, 1033,
talk and one Andean vocal, 1045 tentative ID, nothing on
4870. (Mohrmann-VT)

GUATEMALA 3324.79 Radio Maya, Mar 13, 1049, Vernacular talk
over soft music, 1104 Spanish canned ID into pop hymn. Fair
to good signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

PARAGUAY 9736.86 Radio Nacional, Mar 14, 1045, conversation
and ID, weak but clear signal. (Mohrmann-VT)

PERU 4790.02 Radio Atlántida, Mar 19, 1023-1030, Andean vocals,
1028 announcer with ID "...Radio Atlantida incomparable...4790
kilociclos...", good signal mostly on top of the swiper QRM.

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