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[HCDX] RNZI plays 1945 Christmas Hit Parade from Radio 9AC, Bougainville

The 1945 Christmas Hit Parade from Radio 9AC Torokina, Bougainville

    Scheduled for broadcast in the Mailbox session of Radio New Zealand International from December 20, is the fourth in the current series of radio heritage documentaries being produced in association with the Radio Heritage Foundation (www.radioheritage.net). 
    In 1944, Jungle Network station WVTI broadcast from the island of Bougainville, and was replaced in mid-1945 by Australian Army Amenities Service radio station 9AC who took over the WVTI record library.
    You'll hear the Christmas week 1945 countdown as broadcast by 9AC, and enjoy old favorites such as Johnny Mercer with 'Accentuate the Positive',  the Andrews Sisters with 'Rum & Coca Cola' and the number one favorite singer on the island in 1945 -Bing Crosby - as you listen to the same songs that filled the airwaves over the island almost 60 years ago.
    The documentary introduces listeners to the Australian radio personalities who broadcast over 9AC, some of the locally produced shows, as well as details about the broadcasting conditions at the Torokina Airfield. The program is dedicated to all those who served on Bougainville during WW2, and to modern day peacekeepers from Australia and New Zealand who still serve on the island today.
    Mark your diaries now to listen to this special Christmas week radio heritage documentary on the usual Radio New Zealand International shortwave frequencies and available at the on-demand audio site at www.rnzi.com from December 20.

Warm regards
David Ricquish
Wellington, New Zealand
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