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FW: Re: [HCDX] FW: Sam Voron-Somalia test report from Finland.

Hello Everyone: Please this type of "report" is not wanted, this is a waste of station staffs time and an insult to ones intelligence! This is NO WAY to get a QSL. I am here at Radio Galkayo, the station female annoucers laughed at this "report". "We may be African, however NOT stupid".
Please we would love to receive your correct reception reports. I have completed repairs to the SW amp and transmitter, listeners are reporting very good signals across Somaila, into Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yeman. FM antenna repairs are now also complete, the < 20 watts FM covers Galkayo town very well.
Radio Galkayo is the most popular station in the Horn of Africa, the "new" sked: 0400-0600 and 0900-1900, this change per the Asst. Director. I have reminded him that the aging transmitter and amp may not handle to new work load, the people have spoken "We Want Our Radio Galkayo.
Please tune in, we would be happy to hear from you. We have no mail service, but I will arrange that full data QSL letters be mailed by travellers going abroad. 73.

Joe Talbot VA6JWT, 6O0JT (6 Oscar Zero JT) Home: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. N: 52-16-18 W: 113-48-46. Grid: DO32cg. Currently: Africa. 6O0JT Rx: Rockwell Collins HF-2050. JRC NRD 535D Kiwa Mods. Sony ICF 2010 Kiwa Mods. TCVR: Icom IC-706 MkIIG. Antennas: Beverage Array. Random Wires. Wellbrook K9AY. George Maroti K9AY. Phasing With MFJ 1026. High Sierra 1800 Pro/Outback Outpost. Various HF/VHF/UHF Beach Verticals. Icom AH-4 Auto Tuner.

> Heikki Pehkonen
> Kaivokatu 6 B 12
> 75530 Nurmes
> Suomi - FINLAND
> Thank you for your program.
> I would like to receive a letter to verify that my report is correct.
> Where is the transmitter located and what is its call sign?
> I listened on the 29 November 2004 at 0629 to 0645 UTC on 15.370MHz.
> There was some interference from a Chinese language station using the same
> frequency.
> Programme details that will help you check if I was hearing you.
> 0629UTC Start of transmission. Male speaker said Somalia.
> 0630 to 0632 UTC Music
> 0632UTC Female speaker.
> 0645UTC End of transmission.
> I am 35, a car driver and i like ice hockey, football, cycling.
> I have been listening to overseas radio stations for 17 years
> I would like to receive a letter to verify that my report is correct.
> Where is the transmitter located and what is its call sign?
> Sincerely Yours,
> Heikki Pehkonen

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