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[HCDX] Logs

4760 00:05 AIR Port Blair (tent), indian songs, OM tx, 26.12.2004 SINPO

6150 00:10 Radio 938 (SNG), E IDs, weather, traffic watch, Mediacorp Radio,
TA 08:10 26.12.2004 SINPO 23433

6185.01 00:13 RN da Amazonia, romantic mx, TA, tx, mx, 26.12.2004 SINPO
35444, from 00:22 QRM by IRIB Teheran, french tx (I think the carrier was
already there, but was silent), piano mx, Bengali px from 00:30. SINPO
33433. Not sure if B and/or IRN are off-frequency few Hz. IRN should be on
6180 acc to sched.

Günter Lorenz, currently near Pavia, North Italy
Icom R75, 30 m Longwire

Merry Christmas!

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