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[DX] RUS DX Contest

Tervehdys kaikille,

Kutsun teille Venäjän DX kilpailuun!

Anteeksi, munilla ei ole aikaa kääntämään tämän suomeen...

= = = = =

The 6th Russian DX Contest will take place in February 2004. Contrary to the
previous ones, now it's a really international event. The Contest consists
of two air-listening parts and a quiz.

First of all, I invite everyone to participate. Then, if anyone can provide
some prizes (of any value), that's heartly appreciated. I'd prefer any kinds
of DX literature (historical books, CD disks, fresh editions of DX
handbooks, subscriptions to payed DX services, etc.). If you have anything
to offer, please contact the organizer at dxc2004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'm planning to create a special contest page at dxsignal.info, putting
there links/banners of all persons/organizations who offer prizes for the
Contest. The first link/banner will point to the DSWCI club -- I have
already got an agreement with Anker Petersen on providing some good stuff
for good contest performers.

The rules are already online as a PDF file. See them at
http://dxsignal.info/read/RDXC_en.pdf. The document is also available from
my English homepage, http://dxsignal.info/indexen.htm.

All clubs and DX editors are free to distribute this news. Unfortunately, I
have no opportunity to translate the rules into other foreign languages.

73 & see your contest logs,

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