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Comments quoted from two recent posts:

"Sorry, but I do not consider this logging "hard.core", and I know you do not 
either. Will you actually launch all contributions to this list, or are you 
editing and filtering the material?"

"The list is relayed list at the moment, so it is not moderated. I hope
everyone does "self moderation", ie. consider what is hard core and
what is not. If this don't work, we may consider making the list
as moderated list."

To help this list get started in the right direction, do we need to clarify the 
definition of hard-core-dxing in the faq?  I could interpret daylight reception 
of PNG at ECNA as weak, and also as "information about .. latest conditions."

It might be interesting to hear people's expectations of this list, above and 
beyond Q1 and Q2 of the FAQ.  We may not be able to come to agreement, but at 
least then we'll understand each other.

Don Putnick

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