Re: Good Bolivian Night
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Re: Good Bolivian Night

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>Latin American station in the tropical bands, especially those in Peru and 
>Bolivia, are best received when there is a solar storm of moderate strength
>in Scandinavia. Many rare catches has been done during these storms. The 
>situation ought to be similar in North America.

Interesting observation, Hermod. Since I'm not a LAm DXer I don't know about
enhanced Latin American reception during solar storms from a NAm DXing
perspective, but Indonesian outlets are often better at the *beginning* of a
solar storm. Ontario DXer David Clark alerted me to this a few years ago; he
has written extensively on this phenomenon in the Proceedings series of
books from Fine Tuning. Like you, I now follow the WWV solar indices for
clues to enhanced reception. Even though I live on the West Coast of the USA
I've found the same results from Indonesia during the onset of a storm that
David has from his Ontario QTH.

I wonder if a similar situation exists for Northern Hemisphere DX for DXers
residing south of the equator.

73, Guy

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