Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 00:19:37 GMT hermod.pedersen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Hermod
Pedersen) writes:
>I guess I should be honored by all this traffic about the Nordic
Shortwave Center. But I feel >somewhat saddened by the attitude that it
has to be working by the second, and updated by the hour. >Please bear in
mind that most of us is into this for the fun of it, for the pleasure of
sharing, and that >we do have other things to do.  Two things come in
>1. Work
>2. Family
>Well, three to think of it:
>3. Life besides DXing

Hermod, several of your comments/responses are inappropriate.

Merely asking if a website's address has changed, or if a site is no
longer on the web is not displaying an "attitude that it has to be
working by the second, and updated by the hour".  Nor is it "crying about
a website not working".

With so many changes taking place on the Internet these days, it is only
logical, when an error message is returned to the DXer at the computer
that states that THERE IS NO SUCH WEBSITE ADDRESS, for one to inquire as
to the status.

I certainly don't remember seeing anything here on HCDX that stated
anything of an inflammatory nature, at least until you started attacking
us HCDXers for asking if the site was down, or had changed address.

Rest assured, when DXers such as myself and others here on HCDX begin to
inquire (in the most diplomatic terms, of course), as to the status of
the Nordic DX site, it is because of the high quality of the information
contained therein.

Please, don't immediately draw the incorrect conclusion that one is being
impatient by asking about Nordic DX website status.  A short, simple
inquiry is not a demand for instant updates and a website that always
works/connects correctly.

Thank you for the Nordic DX site, and 73,

J.D. Stephens

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