Re: [HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report April 2
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Re: [HCDX]: Glenn Hauser's SW/DX Report April 2

Don Moore wrote:
>Re The South American Handbook: I've used various editions over the 
>years in trips, including my 1997 trip to Ecuador and always found it 
>to be a very good travel resource.

I can only second that. The South American Handbook is an outstanding
travel book, and I have used it personally on several Latin American
trips to many LA countries.
I wouldn't leave home without it. In spite of its size.
And in between travels it is a pure pleasure to read and useful for
those DXers wanting to know more than just about radio transmitters
and frequencies.

>I highly recommend the Lonely Planet series, myself. Their Ecuador 
>Travel Surivial Kit had much more information than the SAH's 
>Ecuadorian section ...

Again an excellent recommendation. Their country books are
fascinating. I wish I had one of those when being in Bolivia. Now I
read it and travel in my armchair or while tuning in Radio Movima,
Ecos Borja, Santa Ana, Paititi, you name it, the Lonely Planet shows
you while the radio signals brings it.

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