[HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations
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[HCDX]: Returning QSL's to stations

Guido Schotmans wrote:

> Today I received an interesting QSL from WLW 26450 kHz.  Two weeks ago I got
> a standard letter confirming the 700 kHz instead of the heard 26450 kHz.  Of
> course I was not satisfied with this letter, so, I returned it and asked the
> chief engineer kindly to confirm what I heard.  Interesting is that the

Thanks to Guido for interesting info about WLW.
However, there is one question I'd like to talk about: is it acceptable
or useful to return QSL's to radio stations?
I have also received several QSL's with incorrect details (wrong date,
frequency, transmitter site etc.).  However, I have never returned QSL's
to any radio station in the world.  Instead of that I have written again
to radio stations and/or sent them again my old report trying to explain
what is the purpose of QSL.  My experience after 31 years of DX'ing
indicates that this is effective in most cases, the result being a proper
Most Scandinavian DX-clubs consider returning QSL's to radio stations as a
questionable or even harmful habit.
DX'ers should understand that sending QSL's is not compulsory to radio
stations.  It is an expression of friendliness.  We should thank all
radio stations of sending QSL's, not hurt them.
If you return QSL's, it is possible that radio stations think that 
DX'ers are selfish and demanding fanatics.  Thus it is useless to answer
to their reports.
Guido, in your case with WLW it seems that no destruction has happened.
However, it is known that there are radio stations which have ceased 
QSLing, at least temporarily, because of returned QSL's.  That is why I
hope that we should have some discussion about this habit.

Jorma Mantyla
Kangasala, Finland

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