Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99
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Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99

>The equipment I'm using may not stand any comparison with what other
>HCDX-subscribers operate, but it already means a fortune to me and has 
>heard quite some countries during the past years...

Having an expensive radio doesn't mean you will hear lots of DX.  If I
remember correctly, Glenn Hauser has a modest shack, and he provides a
large portion of the DX news.  The main thing in DXing is persistence. 
If you monitor a given frequency regularly, you will eventually hear
something that will make you a HCDXer.  Then everyone will be asking for
your advice!
I remember back when I was *finally* able to hear Radio Berlin
International, and I was using a very inexpensive Midland radio, just
about a step above a transistor radio.  It was very exciting, as I had
been after them for quite some time.  The best DXers, the ones that I
admire and look up to, yes, they use expensive receivers sometimes.  But
they didn't start out that way.  Now they use them for enjoyment.  I
would compare it to a businessman who starts out with one delivery truck
and works hard, building up a base of clients.  Then one day he is able
to buy a second delivery truck, but his first delivery truck is still
good and serves well.  Your SW77 is a fine radio.  Now work on your
antenna system.  Can you get the toy Slinky?  That's what I use.  Look at
Nordic for Arnie Coro's broomstick antenna.  There are all sorts of neat
tricks that people like you and I can use when we live in cramped spaces.
 Try connecting a length of wire to your cold water pipe.  I get
excellent reception connecting to the drain in the kitchen sink.

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