Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99
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Re: [HCDX]: WRTH99

At 14.41 6.1.1999 +0100, Gert Nilsson wrote:
>I agree POS! I do not find the WRTH 1999 that bad. Many listings are
>better this year. Maps are better. Still missing local broadcasting in

	Maps is one thing which in my mind are much worse than in ´97 edition.
They had time zones shown in each map, now they are on separate map, which
is too unclear to determine local time for example a Russian location. And
the MW locations have been left out (already last year, though)! Now I have
to have two editions in hand when listening to and reporting Russian local
	Local broadcasting in Europe, yes. I wonder why it is so difficult to get
the information. For example this list could be a good source to get it
checked. For Spain, the solution has been to leave it out for SER, COPE
etc. I admit that the info has changed, but the Spaniards on the list can
easily help the editor in this respect.
	After all, people tolerate the mistakes because it is much easier to have
one quick source of information beside the radio while listening than a
computer making extra noise! I think most of us would really like to see
WRTH survive and succeed, that's why at least I buy it. But maybe it is a
good idea to buy this book every other year. This time I chose the wrong year!

73, Mauno
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